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Jamie McAnsh is an inspirational and motivational speaker with a story like no other. Waking up paralysed he has overcome every challenge put in front of him. Jamie is a sportsman, a role model an entrepreneur and most of all a disabled adventurer. Life dealt Jamie a set of cards and he decided he was going to play poker. Looking at his challenges from out side the box Jamie has overcome adversity in an amazing style. If you are looking for a speaker to show your young Students that the only limitations they face are their own then Jamie McAnsh is the speaker for you. Perhaps you are looking for a speaker that will motivate your team to work together to achieve the end goal? If so then Jamie McAnsh is perfect for the job. Sharing his story of how team work is the main ingredient to success. Are you hosting a function and want your guests to have an evening to remember? If you are then Jamie McAnsh’s story will leave everyone in the room feeling inspired and motivated as well as absorbed in the journey of emotions, adventure and honesty as Jamie shares his story of life after wheels. Jamie McAnsh loves working with, and inspiring people of all ages. Jamie not only delivers inspiring talks in schools and corporate events but also works with sports clubs, disabled children, and adults as well to promote well being and motivation. Jamie McAnsh is a motivational speaker, with the ability to inspire each and every listener. With his belief that we all face a mountain to climb, his condition makes him no different from anyone else and brings home the message that whoever you are whatever your story you can achieve your goals. In his talks, Jamie shares his very personal stories of struggles, challenges, and successes. Jamie is also honest about his failings and hopes to share what this has taught him. He brings with him stories of adventure and offers a real spirit of showing others that you need to fight for what you truly want. The ultimate message is that if you fall you need to adapt, overcome, and most of all #getbackup.

Testimonial - Teresa Davies Community Organisation

” Jamie is an inspiration! He recently came to speak to my Ladies Group where he amazed us all with the story of how he faced the challenges of his newly diagnosed condition by giving himself yet more challenges. His easy, relaxed presentation left the ladies buzzing with enthusiasm; after making him promise to return when he has completed his next big challenge to tell us all about it.”

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