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Robyn Harris

Soul Alignment Mentor at Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing
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About me

Hello and welcome to my Feature Page! My name is Robyn and I'm the founder of Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing. I’m a Soul Alignment Mentor working with people who've been feeling lost, stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. They've realised that this is because they’ve been trying to fit in to please others, to live by others’ expectations, and it’s draining the life out of them. They’re ready for change, for transformation, but they’re not quite sure how, or if they can do it alone. Working with me they get support, a gentle and intuitive guiding hand and also accountability from someone who is passionate about drawing out the best in others and seeing them create a life of joy, freedom and vitality. If you'd like to have a virtual coffee and chat, pop over to my calendar - https://equenergy.com/calendar - where you can book a time that will best suit you.

The Transformational Journey

Do you: • crave a sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION in your life? • long for the FREEDOM to live in the way that’s right for YOU? • want to give your BEST to those around you? • want to feel the JOY and VITALITY of living in Soul Alignment? Then the Transformational Journey is for you! There are 3 stages to this journey: • First Steps • Going Deeper • Ongoing Adventures To find out more you can download my e-brochure (https://equenergy.com/WILDjourney), visit my website (https://equenergy.com/the-transformational-journey/), or book in for a chat: https://equenergy.com/bookachat

Working with animals

If you are caring for an animal who is experiencing health or behavioural issues, together we can explore ways to release any tensions that are keeping them from the full and happy life that you would want them to enjoy. I offer bespoke wellbeing packages which draw on a wide range of energy work and also consider the lifestyle and diet of the animal. I also offer equine massage. You can see more about this aspect of my work on my website: https://equenergy.com/the-wellbeing-journey/animals/ In addition, I offer a video series on holistic horse care which you can purchase through Vimeo: https://equenergy.com/horse-care-video-series/


I was introduced to Robyn by a mutual colleague and friend as a potential interviewee for my upcoming book ' Paws for Thought' (StoryTails & Life Lessons brought to You by Precious Pooches Everywhere), and what a discovery it was to meet her! I was immediately taken by her radiant energy, insightfulness and deep intuition into the human condition and the priceless gift of bringing in the wisdom of nature and animals for the benefit of human wellbeing. Robyn simply lives and breathes her work and is tireless in her integrity and commitment to loving service, bringing a sense of hope, confidence and balance in all aspects of her mentorship and wild woman leadership. Her joy and generosity of spirit is both boundless and infectious and she clearly walks her talk. I treasure her as a valued colleague and was privileged to be interviewed for her wonderful podcast and feel confident that anyone working with Robyn will receive a most unique gift that keeps on giving. She is truly a bright star in transformational leadership and I couldn't recommend her more highly. Odette Woods - OdetteWoods.com

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A safe and nurturing space to inspire you to greater wellbeing through connection with the natural world around you and your own unique nature within you.

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An opportunity for exploring ways in which to connect with your deepest 'Soul Self', and how to live in alignment with this aspect of your BEing.

My guide on the 'W·I·l·D way to start feeling better - right now!'

This simple guide shares 4 steps to start shifting yourself into a more uplifted energy, and how to stay there.

Downloadable meditations now available to buy

People have been asking if I have meditations available to buy and so I've started putting together a small collection, which I'll be adding to over the coming months. You can see the available range here:
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