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Dr Bridget Kirsop

Chief Unsticker Certified Master Trainer and NLP Master Coach at Dr Bridget NLP Ltd
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I’m Dr Bridget Kirsop, a Certified NLP Master Coach and NLP Master Trainer. As a former GP, I’ve been healing people for over 40 years, however, I felt as though I was just scratching the surface. I now know there are simple ways to unlock your mind, get unstuck and start a transformation. And this is using NLP.

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I’m Dr Bridget- a former GP and director in the NHS. I’m now a Master trainer in NLP and enable people to gain skills and change their life at all levels up to Trainers Training. It’s fun, interactive and life changing.

Personal Breakthrough Therapy

Dr Bridget works 1:1with you in this signature program. Over two intensive days, you’ll remove the barriers that have held you back in life and business and set new goals that align with your personal values. Expect fast, dramatic results.

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To find out more about all our courses and services please visit our website. We have a world of information and resources available to assist in finding the better YOU!
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