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Elaine Hollerhead

Consultant -Interior Designer and Occupational Therapist at Designate - Housing Adaptations Interior Design & Colour Consultancy
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Lifetime Homes and future-planning

Our home should be a sanctuary, a comfortable place to live in and be proud of, enjoyed, and where friends and family can be entertained. Unfortunately, nothing in life is certain. No one can foresee the future and all too often homes are designed to meet only current and not future needs, sadly becoming not friends but foes to the occupants. Options are therefore limited – either to remain and cope at the expense of dignity, or, reluctantly to move. At DESIGNATE we firmly believe that ‘a home should be for life’ ready and able to accommodate life events from the cradle to the grave, including temporary or permanent physical impairments. So, whether the project is a simple home-makeover, property extension, refurbishment, or a New Build we create future-proofed environments that are beautiful safe functional, enabling, and enhance property value. We use an interactive 2D and 3D Interior Design programme that produces full-coloured room renders that give realistic pictures of the developing and finished project. We strongly believe in client engagement, and so client and designer work together in creating interiors that not only feature the client’s choice of colours and furnishings but also incorporate the necessary space requirements to meet their current and future needs. The service covers all types of housing: Privately owned, Tenants and Landlords Social Housing Charities and Supported Living.

Multi-generational Living

This is becoming an increasingly popular style of living in the UK. In the 21st Century Multi-generational Living is no longer considered only as an option for the caring of aging relatives, but as a means of accommodating and supporting the wider family. For example, adult children that may be unable to afford independent accommodation or have left home only to return as the result of losing a job, home, or a marriage / partnership breakdown. They may also bring with them their own young children. Multi-generational Living a great idea in principle but is not for everyone. It is a decision not to be taken lightly. Rarely can it be achieved without either adding a major extension to the existing family home or moving to a larger property - and the process can take 1 – 2 years to complete. Adjusting to a new living situation will be physically psychologically emotionally and socially stressful to everyone involved. Each individual will have their own expectations regarding roles, contributions, and personal space but these are seldom voiced, and assumptions are made often with disastrous results. At DESIGNATE we are experts in successfully achieving harmonious Multi-generational Living and have developed a 7 stages process. By combining our occupational therapy, communication, and interior design skills we are able to guide our clients through each stage from initial discussions to family residency. Stage 1 A facilitated conversation: Each family member can safely voice their personal views and expectations. If conflicts can be resolved by negotiation, and overall harmony and agreement achieved we then guide our clients through the subsequent stages. If not, then we are able to suggest and explore alternative options to Multi-generational Living. Stage 2 Agreement: Mutual agreement that Multi-general Living will work. Stage 3 Budget: Establishing an overall (realistic) budget and apportioning it appropriately Stage 4 Property Search: Assisting the search /accompanying clients to view properties Stage 5 Shortlisting / 2nd viewing /Purchase: Ensuring property is suitable for adaptation Stage 6 Adapting / modifying Property : Interior Design / assessment/ equipment provision Stage 7 Move – In Project completion and celebrations!

Retirement Living & Live-in Care

It is really important to plan ahead for retirement living but many people are reluctant to do so, being resigned to the unwelcome but inevitable prospect of having to spend their later years in a Residential Care /Nursing Home. Many are unaware of the alternatives currently available that enable people to choose a lifestyle that suits the personality of an individual. The most common options are: Downsizing –from a house into a flat Retirement flats -for totally independent Living Extra Care Housing -Independent Flats but with care services on-site Supported Living – Co-living semi-independently with a manager on-site Multi-generational Living – Moving in with family Staying at Home – Independent living with day care input from care services - Maximising Independence with Live-in Care – daytime or 24 hours Residential / Nursing Care Homes Whatever the choice, early planning for change in circumstances is essential not only financially but also practically and emotionally. Whatever option is chosen will involve major upheaval. DESIGNATE helps clients through all stages of the adjustment process. Using our Occupational Therapy skills, we support clients physically psychologically and emotionally in preparing for, and coping with, the changes and adapting to their new lifestyle so that, ultimately, they will have the confidence and enthusiasm to be able to thrive in their new or reconfigured environments. Our Interior Design skills in space- planning and décor enable clients to create, personalise and make safe their new home. They are also invaluable in the case of Live-In care where space may require major reconfiguration to accommodate the requirements of Care Companies for their carers and possibly introduction of major items of equipment required to care for their clients.

Product Design

DESIGNATE is committed to dignified living and equality. We consider that in the 21st century it is unacceptable that equipment for people with disabilities is still, in general, only available through specialist shops or outlets that only sell ‘disability – specific equipment. This is undoubtedly due to the current clinical appearance of equipment solutions. There is little choice in regard to colour. Beige continues to predominate, occasionally interspersed with red, blue, or grey. We are determined to change the status quo and so are interested in working with forward – thinking manufacturers to develop enabling products and equipment that is aesthetic, functional, acceptable to clients and their families, and attractive to major stores such as M & S and John Lewis for display and purchase. As Inclusive Interior Designers we were delighted to be invited by Impey Showers to help them in developing their Slimfold Shower Bench and Slimfold Shower Seat. These have used these in several of our Interior Design projects as they meet all safety functional and aesthetic requirements and are available in a range of colours, enabling them to blend seamlessly into the overall room design.

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Our Client: Lady age 45, diagnosed with MS, mobile using a walking aid and no history of falls. Currently rendered dependent on her husband for assistance in the en-suite with all transfers, showering and toileting. Design Brief: To re-model the interior of the existing en-suite to create a safe, functional, aesthetic, space to enable the client to achieve maximal independence in transfers and self-care activities.

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NAIDEX 2021.

I am so delighted to have been invited to be a Speaker at NAIDEX 2021. If you are attending the NAIDEX 2021 Exhibition on Thursday 16th September, please come along to the Accessibility Summit Theatre at 11am. I will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Teamwork Makes the Dream Work’, describing how a highly committed team of trades and professions succeeded in converting a coastal cottage into a future-proofed hi-tech home for a client living with a degenerative neurological condition. It will be great to see you!

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