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Holistic Wellness Practitioner at Deep Connexions
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Tel: 07790783280

About Jacqui Ellis (RCST, BCST, NDT, IAS, INPP Method)

Jacqui is a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (RCST). She is also a Neuro-Developmental Practitioner/ Reflex Integration Practitioner (NDT) and a Licentiate of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP). Jacqui is also trained in Auditory Stimulation/Sound Therapy working as a provider for both Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (IAS) and The Listening Programme Passionate about helping her clients heal deep seated issues naturally, without the use of drugs or other invasive treatments, Jacqui facilitates the body’s inherent energies to heal itself. She has a special interest in reducing stress and trauma patterns that can be held within the body. This can often involve addressing the birthing process and how it can impact the way you live your life. Working to understand the root of the problem, Jacqui helps her clients make the connexions that join up the dots/blocks that are draining their life energy. Her aim is to empower each individual to feel more integrated and comfortable in their body so they can achieve their true potential and thrive. As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Jacqui trained with Franklyn Skills at the Karuna Institute, Dartmoor. This two year course involved completing a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, as well as a clinical project and over 280 hours of practice. Jacqui treats babies and children as well as adults and regularly attends courses and seminars to further her knowledge. As a Reflex Integration/Neuro-Developmental Practitioner, Jacqui works with children, assessing them for neuro motor and auditory processing difficulties developing daily movement/listening programmes to transform retained immaturity in their central nervous systems. Jacqui’s interest in body focused therapies developed via her own journey and that of her three children who have all completed the INPP Developmental Movement Programme as well as having regular craniosacral sessions over time. Her experience working as a teaching assistant in a local school also led her to question if there were possible physiological reasons for lack of academic progress or presenting behavioural issues. Indeed, research has shown there is a direct correlation between immature motor skills and educational achievement.

List of CPD Courses

Family Affair – Working with Babies, Children, Pregnancy & Birth (CSTA) The Impact of Trauma & Neglect on the Developing Child (Dr Bruce Perry) Brain Based Parenting & Attachment Focused Family Therapy (Dan Hughes & Jon Baylin) Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory (Dr Stephen Porges) Working with Children: Healing through Play (Aléxandre Duarte – Somatic Experiencing) Somatic Experiencing for Kids (Maggie Kline) Trauma Awareness and Integration (Jane Evans & Claire Murphy) Ignition and the Midline (Michael Shea) Cranial Nerves Unravelled (Katherine Ukleja) Emotional First Aid: From Trauma to Attachment (Thomas Harms) The Relational Child (Matthew Appleton) The Midline in Everything ( Michael Kern) The Voice & the Hyoid (Katherine Ukleja) Pre & Perinatal Emotional Health (Confer)

Addressing the effects of trauma in adults and children through hands on and movement based therapy. Experience integration, wholeness and transformation by addressing a wide range of issues and providing numerous health benefits.

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Sleep problems? Muscular aches? Neck and back pain? Fear and anxiety? Shock, trauma or injury? Headaches and migraines? Pregnancy related issues? Traumatic or difficult birth experiences? All of these respond well to Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy / BCST.


Auditory Processing difficulties? Under performing at school? Learning difficulties? Poor concentration? Hyper-sensitivity? Poor posture, balance and motor control? Co-ordination difficulties? Fear and anxiety? All of these respond well to Reflex Integration/NDT and/or Auditory Stimulation.

Sound Therapy

Auditory Stimulation programs are drug-free, home-based alternative therapies that are designed to stimulate the neural pathways in the brain that are responsible for language, and processing auditory information. They can also have a positive effect on balance and co-ordination due to also working with the internal senses: the vestibular and proprioceptive systems.

To book or contact:

In order to understand the underlying reasons for the presenting issues or concerns, the next step is to complete a Screening Questionnaire/ Case History Form. The answers you provide will help me to understand if further assessment is required and which therapy/ therapies may be the most appropriate going forwards. The forms consider presenting problems or issues, together with antenatal and birth history, early years development as well as schooling, and medical history to the present day. Please note, I am not in a position to give you a diagnosis but I will be able to offer potential ways forward to empower you or your child to move forward in a more positive way. So for further information, please call or text message 07790 783280 or Email; [email protected] with the following information to assist with your enquiry;
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