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Director at Dancing Flavours
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Catering Lebanese Cuisine

Catering Lebanese Cuisine Lebanese cuisine is influenced by the Mediterranean and is considered as one of the healthiest and most versatile in the world. Using fresh ingredients, each dish is aromatic and is rich in delicate flavours – tasty and healthy but not hot and spicy. Enjoy learning about and sharing delicious, authentic Lebanese food with family and friends for a memorable birthday get together or dinner party with a difference. Take your senses on an exotic Mediterranean journey, experiencing the culture, and be prepared for a lot of laughter and fun – perfect for that special occasion or celebration.

Belly Dancing, Hen Parties

Belly Dancing Classes Dancing is one of the most original ways of expressing feelings in any society. Raks Charki, also known as Belly Dancing, has an extra edge: it’s made by women for women to improve body confidence and help with birth and menstrual pain. It helps you to express difficult emotions, tones the whole body and lifts the spirit - thus promoting good feelings. Hen Parties Belly dancing is perfect if planning for a Hen Party - a fun way to bond with family and friends and to celebrate being a woman.

Talks on living in different cultures

I love to give talks about life in Lebanon and being a woman in an Arabic country - then and now. I am a regular speaker for the WI in the surrounding areas, and am also building up my contact with schools and colleges. My talks are all entwined with stories I heard or experienced personally, presented in a fun and entertaining way but thought-provoking at the same time.

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Online Lebanese cooking experience

My online cookery classes enable people to connect with others despite all the restrictions we continue to experience during this pandemic. Cooking classes work really well online because you can watch me prepare and cook the recipe whilst benefitting from the familiarity of your own kitchen.

Find out more about belly dancing and the benefits

Belly Dancing dates back over 2000 years. The name of this dance in the Arabic countries is “Raks Charqui” which translates to “Oriental Dance” Belly dancing is the dance I grew up with. It was and still is a part of my everyday life (and the life of Arabic women who love to dance). I danced at home, with friends, at weddings and at parties. Belly Dancing is an ancient form of dance created by women to entertain women and to help with menstrual pain and strengthen the muscles before and after giving birth.

Find out more about my hen party packages

Are you looking for a hen party with a difference? Are you looking for an outdoor hen party for this summer? Dancing Flavours offers a range of unusual hen parties to provide you with a fun and memorable celebration.
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