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Jane Grayer

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My name is Jane Grayer and I’m a Celebrant which means I create and conduct unique Weddings, Vow Renewals, Funerals, Celebration of Life, Naming & Welcome to the Family Ceremonies.

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wedding ceremonies

I create and conduct unique wedding ceremonies that tell your story, your views on marriage, and your love in a relaxed and informal, way which is full of laughter and love and can include everything which is important to you. Everything I do starts with you.​

Naming Ceremony

Welcoming your baby or child into the world with a beautiful bespoke Naming Ceremony allows your family and friends to create and commit to roles in your child's life that have real meaning, relevance, and heart. I bring them all together in a truly individual way that is right for you.​

Funeral or Celebration of Life ceremonies

The Funeral or Celebration of Life ceremonies I create a focus on the whole of the life lived, allowing everyone to share memories, to laugh as well as to cry, to reconnect with warmth and with love. Everyone deserves to mark this moment in the way that right for them - I help you to find that way.​
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