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Great to Meet You

Hi, I’m Rachel and I run Coach in Nature. I started this business after falling out of love with my career in HR and a deep desire to do something meaningful for other people and our natural world. If that all sounds a bit woo, I can assure you it most definitely is not. I work with professionals that are a bit stuck and want to develop a clear sense of purpose and direction. Those that may be seeking a change or to engage more fully with their current situation. To mesh work and personal life in a way that supports wellbeing and health.

Who am I?

Let’s get the smart-alec stuff out of the way. I’m very well qualified and take continual learning very seriously. I have an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change, I am accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council as a Senior Practitioner, I’m a member of the Association for Coaching and an affiliate of the International Society of Coaching Psychology. I sit on the International Editorial Board for the Journal of Eco-Psychology (which means I get to read and review new research before it's published!) Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I qualified in coaching supervision which means I also support and enhance the development of other coaches. That’s enough of that. I’m a massive fan of the natural world, occasionally feral and a slave to two lurchers and a cat that treats me with nothing but contempt. I have a problem with garden centres; in that I can’t leave empty-handed.

How can I help you?

Consider these statements You're at a crossroads ... Maybe you feel pigeon-holed or stuck, or you've been overlooked and can't work out why. Your job may be safe, comfortable and well paid but unfulfilling. You might feel guilty even thinking about leaving during uncertain times. Maybe you're bored and want a complete change but are fearful of taking the leap. I can help you identify what's holding you back, and connect you with your sense of purpose, to identify opportunities and select the things that align to who you are and who you want to be. You're facing big changes. Restructures, career transitions, redundancy, retirement, promotion. Whatever the reason for the change, life will be look and feel different. That's nearly always unsettling, often downright scary. Maybe you have a new role and greater responsibility or you're starting a business. Maybe you have a new team or you're planning how to wind down and move on. Maybe redundancy is on the cards for you or for those you employ. I can help you acknowledge and appreciate your feelings, give some airtime to your worries and be your thinking partner to use what's helpful to define your onward plans There's something that's holding you back. As uncomfortable as it might be, the first step in releasing what you are really capable of is becoming aware of the assumptions that are holding you back. The good news is, you don't have to do it alone. I will help you to find the shift that needs to happen safely and confidentially Together we find the most effective way for you to recognise limiting beliefs, challenge your assumptions and release your potential. It's all on you. You are expected to role model positivity and stay strong for your team. It's important that when you're the one in charge that you have an outlet for your thoughts and worries. It's healthy to have a thinking partner whose interest is not vested in the organisation and who can remain detached from office politics. It's a high pressure, lonely place and as your coach, I am a secure confidant, a trusted ear, safe container and partner unafraid to ask you the difficult, yet critical, questions.. You're in a pickle. We've all been there, a sticky problem that seems to have no ideal solution. I can provide methods that help you view the problem through a multitude of new perspectives. One or more of these is will shine a light on the answer you need or give you the clear air to create a new solution.

Don’t just take it from me

Rachel was amazing in helping me reach the crux of a problem that was causing me to question the best way forward in an important life choice. Her approach is warm and engaging, she will not leave you hanging after a session but will guide you, by clever questioning, towards a tangible and realisable conclusion. Thanks Rachel. Christine M Thanks for the coaching time, your presence and your interest in me and my situation was both reassuring and encouraging. I feel much more able to move forward with my plans and deal with any unexpected hiccups Requested anonymity My time with Rachel helped me focus on what I needed to do next. I had no trouble with ideas but needed some space and structure to work them through. Rachel's approach using the outdoors and her knowledge of mindfulness in nature was exactly what I needed to move my business forward. Thank you Rachel! Dawn H Rachel was very kind to me during a call this morning. Although what Rachel does is not quite what I’m looking for at the moment, she offered to point me in the right direction of people who could assist. To me, this shows great business skills but also integrity in her profession that she wasn’t only in it just to get me as a client. That’s true professionalism right there. Thank you, Rachel, Jodie F Working with Rachel was very enlightening. While apparently in simple conversation, she gently startled and redirecting me to a significant shift in perspective. There is very little structure and as a result, I received very powerful solutions. I love this living systems approach to coaching. Highly recommended Jannine B

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Find out more about coaching with nature

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the statements before. Why not get in touch. A 30 minute consultation time costs nothing but time and could help you define your needs to find the perfect help for your situation. Whether that happens to be me or not. I offer coaching services to individual and to businesses that want to offer it to their leadership teams and managers. This can be via Zoom (or other virtual platform) or via walking in nature where proximity permits. I will travel within a 60 mile radius of BA9 with a small charge for fuel that is then donated to a carbon offset scheme such as Tree Sisters or the Woodland Trust.

Are you a coach seeking to develop your practice further?

Coaching is a dynamic profession, filled with ambiguity and unpredictability. When this is the reality, how do you stay at your learning edge? Coaching supervision or super - vision as I prefer to think of it, is the ability to step back from the work. To stand shoulder to shoulder with another trusted professional and scrutinise things from multiple viewpoints. From the long view that looks at the whole system, to the micro analysis of thoughts and feelings that arise in our work. In a safe, confidential environment, supervision supports the exploration of themes, challenges, and ethical conundrums in addition to celebrating and nurturing successes to fully leverage the learnings to be mined. Group sessions and individual sessions available. New group sessions starting in April - £50 per 2 hour session with a discount for pre-booking 3 or more sessions. Contact me directly to secure a space. For testimonials, visit my website via the link below.

Workshops and Webinars

Whether you want to deepen your own connection with nature or introduce your team to the restorative and creative power of the natural world, I will create a bespoke experience to meet your needs. Current on offer is a 90 minute webinar for those facing into changes, deciding whether self employment might be for them. Or maybe that have just started out and would benefit from the hindsight on offer. Hearing from someone who's made mistakes that they can then avoid. I'm offering a warts and all session of highs, lows, wins and cock ups from my first year in business. Not a negative rant, I don't regret a moment of it. It's a humourous, deeply honest account of my own learnings with some coaching tools for you to take away and play with for the benefit of your decision making, your fledgling business and, quite possibly, your sanity. Tickets are £20 and are to be found on the See No Bounds Event listing pages.
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