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CO2 Refill Service

We’ll refill your empty SODASTREAM (and other branded) CO2 gas bottles and save you money.


Prices, including return postage by UK courier. Discount for multiple bottles. Local to Abergavenny? View our drop-off and collect prices. 1 bottle £11.00 2 bottles £19.00 (save £3) 3 bottles £27.00 (save £6) 4 bottles £34.00 (save £10) 5 bottles £40.00 (save £15) 6 bottles £45.00 (save £21) 7 bottles £49.00 (save £28) 8 bottles £56.00 (save £32) 9 bottles £63.00 (save £36) 10 bottles £70.00 (save £40)

How to order -

Purchase your refills - Purchase the amount of bottles you would like to be refilled on our shop page. We offer discount for multiple bottles. Return postage is included in the price you pay! Send us your empty bottles - Send us your used empty gas bottles to us in the post so we can refill them for you. You’ll find our address on our contact page. Receive your filled bottles - Once we receive your bottles, we’ll refill them with CO2 and then return them in the post to you.

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Visit our shop to order your Bottle refill

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We are happy to help you in any way we can. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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