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What we do and the Hats we wear

Hat 1 - Lifestyle Planner – Understanding where you are now and how you have got to where you are. To Identify what type of life you want to live and what lifestyle you want to enjoy. To answer the three MAJOR Questions! AM I GOING TO BE OK? WILL I HAVE ENOUGH! WHEN CAN I RETIRE!! Hat 2 – Financial Planner – Understanding where you are heading financially, how much is enough and what action is needed to achieve your goals and desires to achieve the lifestyle you want to live. Hat 3 – Then and only then I will put the last hat in which is the Financial Adviser hat – Which is ensuring the products met the requirements for the client, which may involve arranging the products to fit the plan, such as Pensions, Isa’s, Trusts, savings plans, protection policies etc.

Remember that key Thing! It is not about Return on investments (ROI) It is about Return on life! ( ROL)

Castra Financial is an independent financial advisory firm based in Newport South Wales , the firm is owned by Shaun Hiscox and Chris Evens who have been in the profession doing various different roles since 2007 (Chris) Shaun 2010. Castra Financial gives sound financial planning advice in areas such as pensions, investment, inheritance tax mitigation, mortgages and protection. Our Sole focus is to help clients know their number! Every person will “have a financial adviser” but are they really adding value to you or are they just talking about the performance and the markets to which they have absolutely no influence over, if this is the case, would be great to hear from you. There is one fact that everyone on earth has to agree with, and that is life is not a rehearsal! We have one go around in life and you need to ensure that you live your best life, with one eye on today and one eye on tomorrow. At the heart of everything we do here at Castra is PLANNING Centred around You! Let me ask a question would you get on a plane or in a car without knowing the destination to where you will end up! Sadly too many people have this reality when it comes to planning for their retirement, they will have a vision of what they would like to do after they have had to put in blood sweat and tears for 40+ years in their business or their employment, but unfortunately will end up disappointed or having to work longer and not be able to spend the time they crave or do stuff they enjoy.


The team at Castra help first time buyers, home movers, investors and any individual that has a mortgage on bricks and water! With our whole of market proposition, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do to ensure that the client has the best possible deal on the market based on their needs, objectives and circumstances. Mortgages can be a minefield, with so many lenders and products it can be very confusing for a client, here at Castra we take that confusion and complexity away from the client and navigate them through the minefield. The team at castra are all down to earth and very approachable, with our back-office support clients are consistently updating every step of the 364 days of the year (let's be honest, everyone has Christmas day off right?). Let us take the headache and the complexity away from your mortgage process and guide you through your journey, not just on the transaction of your house purchase or your RE-Mortgage, but through to the very end of the term. We pride ourselves on going on the journey with our clients to ensure their objective is met, we are not a transactional practice, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the client becomes mortgage free as soon as they possibly can. With our investor clients we regularly update them to every fast pace of the changing landscape, whether that is tax changes or ways it could potentially be more beneficial to structure their assets, we have an upper hand as we are a Financial service practice so can call on our financial planners to give the advice where necessary on these matters where most Mortgage only advisers would not have the permission, really is a one-stop shop!

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If you would like to know more then please get in touch we are always on hand to assist you in all aspects of Finacial consultation.
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