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Hello, I am Matt Preece of Business Doctors Newport. I don't just coach I get on the pitch! I work with entrepreneurs and business managers that are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. I say, if they really want to give their business some focus for growth, a business review and preparation of a strategic plan is an absolute necessity. I work with the business influencers and decision-makers creating a strategy for growth helping to re-focus the business on delivering the outcomes they want and provide an effective framework for positive change.

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The 6 R's

Find out more about how our 6 R's program can get you focused.

The 6 R's

Find out more about how our 6 R's program can get you focused.

Why use a business coach.

The following comments are not exhaustive but go some way to answering the questions; what a business coach is, when to hire a business coach and why use a business coach.

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