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I am Beverley Jones, award winning Inspirational Business woman of the year, Speaker of the year and a Business Wales Excellence in Mentoring 2017 Winner yet I describe my 2009 as my annus horribilis; this was a year that saw me crash out of a 30 year senior corporate career diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety.

The Story Started.

“In August 2010 I opened the doors to Awaken with my vision of a world where everyone is empowered to ensure their life and/or business reaches its full potential.” - Beverley Jones Since then I have through many avenues shared tips, tools and techniques to assist others with their emotional resilience and well-being both inside and outside work. It is my aim to normalise mental health conversations, help others through stress and anxiety and where needed look to stop burnout happening for others. In today’s world there are many who will seek to empower you and promise you that they can change your life, here’s the secret they do not have the power to do that – only YOU do! My promise to you is that I will give you an insight into my experiences which in turn assist to empower you to know that you can make the change you need to live the life you desire and/or have the business you dream of. Helping your journey become a little easier is my mission; I am literally there to support and hold the hands of those who are now walking the same path whether working in the large business world or indeed if you are building a successful business of your own.

Business Mentor, Well-Being Consultant and Corporate Speaker.

As a Business Mentor, Well-Being Consultant and Corporate Speaker, I bring to organisations my honest and truthful account of how following a thirty year highly successful corporate my career ended one sunny afternoon in June 2009. It was on this afternoon I was told I was suffering from depression and severe anxiety bought on by a series of events in my life, I had in essence succumbed to a ‘Corporate Crash’ – Burnout! I share how from this I started my own business in 2010 with no contacts, no funds, no social media accounts and no network. At the time I was travelling through a journey with my mental health but through it all I held steady and made it through to where I am today, It is through my journey as a senior manager in large corporate companies that I help others with the health and well-being of their staff through the ‘Awaken Company Well-Being’ programmes. Through my journey as an entrepreneur I also help owners of smaller businesses set up and grow through my ‘Awaken Business Club’ – In both areas I am there to ensure that when the going get’s tough you are part of a community I have built to help you along the path.

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Awaken Company Well-Being

Providing training and development through workshops, consultancy, organisational days and speaking to help your teams with mental health in the workplace; reducing stress by putting life/work balance at the top of the agenda.

Awaken Business Club

A membership mentoring network which provides a safe place for you to talk, learn and grow your business. Discover how to reach your full potential by taking small steps; join me to discover how to get your business to work for you.

Beverley Jones Public Speaker

As an inspirational and motivational speaker/writer, Beverley undertakes many engagements to share her journey through which she demonstrates how an ordinary life can become extraordinary.

Books Available here

Made it Thru the Rain Book (signed copy) | Stop the stress and grow your business | Bullying in the workplace | Financial Wellbeing | If You Think You Can You Can
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