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Brand Identity Design

We work with clients to create bold, memorable and relevant identities for their brand. If you’ve come to us just looking for just a logo, then you’ve come to the wrong place. First things first, we need to understand your core brand values in great detail. We do this by carrying out the research through a series of workshops (customer journey maps, personas and a game of cards!) that get to the bottom of who your customers are, what they really want from you and how they expect to receive it. This will then help us create a core identity that is flexible and relevant to you. Your logo is the figurehead to your brand. It has an important job to do as this is what potential customers will often come into contact with first when finding out more about our business. A great logo speaks volumes about your brand and will show exactly what you stand for. Our graphic design team will work with you to create an initial set of logo concepts that each tell a story to communicate your message. We present the designs as ‘real-world’ mockups so that you get a sense of how the identities could work in everyday scenarios. Work with us to revise ideas and make amendments until the final logo design is signed off. There’s no ‘maximum revision’ rule with us – we’ll work on your designs until all parties are happy and you are proud of your new identity.

Website Design

Your website should be an integral part of your brand identity. It can often be the first interaction that someone has with your business, so it needs to look good, perform well and provide a pain-free experience. We design and build websites that are based around your customers needs and objectives, work on all devices (mobile and tablet friendly) and helps convert leads into sales. Getting your message across quickly and easily is now more important than ever. We believe that having great content that is engaging is just as important as having a beautiful looking site. Our content writing services can help get your tone of voice and message resonate with your website visitors. All of our websites are built using Content Management Systems (CMS) that gives you greater flexibility to access and manage your website without you having to ask us to update every time a text change is needed or blog post uploaded. Because of the flexible nature of CMS, your website can grow just as your business does.


Identifying, finding, contacting and speaking with customers and prospects are all important if you want to succeed in business. Sound a bit daunting? It doesn’t need to be and our team of marketing professionals are here and ready to help you. It all starts with coffee and an informal meeting that will help us find out more about your business. Some of the questions we will ask from you during our chat will be along the lines of: What do you do? What products or services do you provide? Who do you think wants to buy them and why should customers choose your offering instead of those provided by your competitors? Why are you different? What are your key selling points? Would customers who are interested one of your products or services be interested in others you supply? What marketing activities have you tried before and did they work for you? We will also want to establish budgets, timescales, desired outcomes and your own involvement in the marketing process. With this new found knowledge, we will then add our own marketing expertise and experience as well as many years commercial acumen to recommend a marketing plan for you that will incorporate a blend of marketing activities to help you achieve your marketing goals. Whilst we are fully signed up to the wonderful world of digital marketing and all the fantastic benefits it can provide i.e. research, analysis and insights with minimal wastage and increased effectiveness we also offer good old fashioned traditional marketing which we know still has an important part to play in an integrated campaign.

Here are some great Alliance Marketing Agency case studies

Rebrand and website for Beaufort Male Choir

Where do you start when given the task of rebranding a century old institution such as a Welsh male choir? Like any rebrand, we start by getting a deep understanding of our client, their customers and what their core values are. In this case, we weren’t necessarily working with a business, but more of an institution that has been at the heart of the community for nearly 150 years – no pressure then! The committee members of Beaufort Male Choir engaged with us wanting to bring their choir into the 21st Century. Traditional choirs commonly have a stigma attached to them that they’re old fashioned and dated but Beaufort wanted to buck that trend by showing that they have a number of members that are of a younger generation and include many songs in their repertoire that are modern (think Ed Sheeran), upbeat and fun to sing! Very few male choirs have carried out a rebrand, so we saw this as a great opportunity to make Beaufort stand out. They already had a well established fan base and have performed at the highest level (having sung with the likes of Tom Jones & Alfie Boe) so having carried out a brand workshop with 60 choir members, we needed to develop a brand of the highest quality.

Branding and website for Solar Buddies

Welcome to Solar Buddies, the award-winning and innovative child-friendly sunscreen applicator. Laura & Kelli, the inventors of the Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator approached us at the very start of their journey with a unique product concept, but had no brand identity in place ready to launch. Working with the founders, we assisted them in creating a brand identity that is bold, fun and friendly and has helped them sell Solar Buddies to customers all over the world.

Branding and website for Amatsu Centre

Amatsu therapy provides effective, long-lasting results for a wide range of symptoms through the use of body massage treatments. We worked with the business owner Stephan to create a new brand identity, marketing materials and website to relaunch the business which also coincided with Stephan opening a new clinic facility in the heart of Abergavenny. The new brand identity we created for Amatsu Centre consisted of a redesign of his existing shield icon. Through research and discussion the shield represents protection, defence and confidence which runs through the Amatsu Centre’s core values – Stephan is confident of providing a therapeutic service that will help treat and protect the body from injury and pain. We combined the logo mark with a clean, simple typeface that fits well with the overall brand values.
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