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Alistair Cummings DipPFS Certs Cii(MP&ER)

Independent Financial Adviser at Alistair Cummings IFA
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Tel: 07500930652

What I do

I am a self-employed Independent Financial Adviser working within a network of advisers at Beacon IFA Ltd. I offer whole of market advice for pensions, investments, mortgages, protection (life insurance etc), equity release and estate planning.

Why me

I am looking for long term clients, not transactions. I love the idea of meeting someone to help them with their house purchase and life insurance policy. Then later on to help out with pensions or how to best invest an inheritance. I will always call you back. I get hugely frustrated when I call a company that I am trying to buy a service from and they don't respond. I am honest. If I don't know the answer to a question, I will tell you. I will do my best to find out the answer for you. In this day and age, the biggest problem is not finding the answer, it's phrasing the question correctly so the answer presents itself! Beacon IFA Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The advisers there are self employed. If you visit the website above, you'll see me there on the 'about' page.

About me

I am a daddy to two young children and a husband to a gorgeous wife (who is a yoga teacher if you fancy improving your chakras). Like many of us, I've struggled to keep my body weight under control but I love feeling fit. I've tried many different forms of exercise over the years but distance running will always be my spiritual home. I'm not fast but I love the clarity and release of negativity that running can bring. I've done lots of events, with the pinnacle being the 100km ultra marathon race to the stones which I completed for my 40th birthday. For now though, I will stick to my favourite distance which is the half marathon.


As my career progresses I would really like to try and encourage people to learn more about financial services. Especially pensions. I find it fascinating that so few of us understand them and yet, later in life we will be so reliant on them to put a roof over our head and food in our stomachs. With proper planning and advice, we might be able to throw in a few holidays per year and the ability to spoil the grandkids too.

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