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Nick Morrish

Photgrapher/Videographer at Nick Morrish Photography
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Giving a creative, confident voice to all businesses, from SME’s to corporates, through authentic photography and video.

I’m an experienced photographer and videographer with the ability to balance creativity and artistry with corporate requirements. Always on the lookout for a different and visually interesting way to tell a story, I also understand how those concepts apply through a range of print and digital applications. Fresh ideas inspire me and allow me to further develop my editorial and corporate skills. Generating and delivering content as an individual is fulfilling; I’m as excited and enthused at the end of the creative process as I am at the start. Working as part of a team is energising and invigorating. I always look forward to meeting and exceeding the brief by pushing myself - and others - towards a creative solution. My photographs and video have been used in publications around the world to showcase the best of companies to a global audience.


I cover all aspects of business photography and video, bringing your company story to life by focussing on the humans behind the brand. My services include, but are not limited to: - Headshots that create a great first impression for clients and customers - Portraits that tell us a little more about you as a person - Storytelling images that take your audience behind the scenes to a places they can really connect with your business.

Here are some great Nick Morrish Photography case studies

Headshots and portraits

A portfolio of headshots and portraits.

Storytelling Photography

Portfolio of telling brand stories through pictures


A selection of videos that show the best of business.
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