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Why is networking important?

It is important because it keeps you front of mind, you need to keep on keeping on about your product or service. It enhances your ability to communicate and there is plenty to learn, it is a great way to supplement personal development. A good networking group should offer great value simply as being part of a supportive community, as well as the possibility of gaining more business.

How networking works?

You have the chance to look, listen, learn and then earn, you need to network regularly in order to get the benefits, it’s a long term investment. You invest in the people around you by looking to serve the community. Typically you will get the chance to introduce yourself and your business, keep it brief and to the point, be clear and don’t waffle. Make sure people remember you, but not by sticking a chicken on your head!, otherwise it will only be the chicken that is remembered, not you or what you do. Often there will be a speaker, this represents a fantastic opportunity both to learn but also allows you to present, allowing you to practise and hone your presentation skills.

What Networking is all about?

In my view it is the chance to build your tribe, allow people to get to know you and get to know them, your tribe will end up being your sales force. There is nothing more powerful than a whole bunch of people shouting about you from the rooftops. Remember to be you and let your authenticity shine through, always do what you say you’re going to do. This might sound simple, it’s not rocket science! You will be amazed how supportive people can be. Remember that it is not just about what happens in the room, the more genuine your offering is, the easier it will be for you to be referred outside the room.

How does Networking help your business?

At least twice a week our Logo is there to be seen, I am available to help and assist others in their journey as they are with mine, well over 50% of my networking connections buy from us on a regular basis. My network is also a valuable source of feedback for us and our products and a go to community when it comes to New Product Development. I seem to have created a tribe and they have been known to say some nice things about me and our products, what more could I ask?

Here are some great Business Focus Networking case studies

Bath Business Focus

We’re proud of what we’ve set up and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Oh, and you might even pick up some business and make a new contact or two!

Chippenham Business Focus

We love Wednesday mornings in Chippenham – you should come along & see what happens; you won’t be disappointed.

Swindon and The Cotswolds Business Focus

We meet virtually every other Tuesday between 8am and 10am. The meeting includes up to three focussed chats with other individual attendees and a ‘business spotlight’ session where one business owner gets to share far more detail about their business and their ideal clients.
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