Why cleaning services are so important?



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Why cleaning services are so important?

Cleaning Services have always been in important regardless of the environment. At homes, where there is preparation of food, dirty work clothes being brought in and just general bacteria being transported from the outside world into the home. Workplaces, where desk-hopping is taking place and people using the same work spaces or bathrooms. The recent Covid-19 breakout has only proven how deadly the transfer of viruses and bacteria can be. As the population becomes more and more dense, we are living in closer proximity to each other, houses are stacked on top of each other, work spaces are getting closer and closer, public transport is overfilled, giving the transfer of viruses a very easy job! Employers are now understanding, to keep a happy, healthy work force who will not be on sick leave is absolutely paramount to keeping costs low and morale high!

What does cleaning services offer?

Cleaning services offer a wealth of benefits. The most obvious of them all is offering a safe environment to work and live, however, depending on the client, it can offer much more than this. For a domestic client, we are offering the gift of time. We have often challenged our clients to work out on average how many hours in a week they spent doing 'housework' and the results were shocking. Employing a cleaner to do the list of chores that it would take a person to do in their own home, can be done an average 60% quicker time than if the person was to do it themselves - as a result of tried and tested efficient cleaning methods and without the distraction of other things that may not be on the list of things to do - for example - THAT kitchen drawer or the infamous 'man-draw'! This many hours that would have been used for house cleaning can then be spent on all the more important and enjoyable moments in life. For a business owner with a workspace, offering a clean workspace helps to keep sickness rates at bay and the workplace full and productive. Not only this, but when inviting potential clients into a workspace, first impressions count. A clean, organised workspace will present a conscientious high quality service provider or supplier.

What is included in a deep clean?

A deep clean is a service that we highly recommend to new and existing clients. We recommend this to give us as a cleaning company a fresh starting point and to be familiar with the property. Deep Cleaning services means that nothing is left untouched and all surfaces would be cleaned and sanitised. A general clean would include dust removal, hoovering, floor cleaning and full kitchen and bathroom cleaning throughout. A deep clean on top of this would include cleaning skirting boards, internal windows and doors, all touch points, handles, lighting shades, inside appliances, bin cleaning, on top of high level cupboards, cobweb removal, parts of furniture that wouldn't be cleaned during a standard clean - for example legs of desks and chairs.

Can a cleaning company help a business after a COVID19 outbreak has been discovered?

A cleaning company is actually the most important supplier to contact. With a 24 hour response time, like we offer, we can help assist in making sure there is absolute minimum disruption to the workplace and resume normal services within another 24 hours. Mobilised within 24 hours, armed with anti-viral products and staff equipped in full PPE, the whole workplace can be disinfected and sanitised and Covid secure within 24 hours. There are a mass of of cleaning products available on the market now, with the most popular and effective products now being 'foggers' and 'COVID19 Room Bombs'

Here are some great Maid to Help Cleaning Specialists case studies

Special Offer COVID19 room bomb

What are COVID19 room bombs? - COVID-19 Room Bombs are a rapid method to sanitise a whole room including all of the fabrics in the room which would otherwise usually be expensive to be clean. It is a product that we release into the room which then fills the room like a cloud and then descends to the ground or the first surface that it touches, killing 99.99% of viruses including Covid-19. We recommend using these on top of our deep cleaning services. The deep clean will ensure that everything in the room is moved and fully cleaned, the room bomb on top will then ensure that the air space is also decontaminated. These cover a set room size so we assess the size of the room/s and will recommend on how many bombs should be used to per room. We even have ones specifically designed in smaller versions for vehicles so fleet vehicles, company vehicles or even just your household car can be confidently Covid free. The room bombs cover the space for 7 days. Our proudest story to date is a care home that we attended during the pandemic were Covid safe after consistently using our Covid-19 room bombs for 6 weeks, every patient and member of staff tested negative for the first time since their first positive case towards the beginning of the lockdown!

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