Why are Golden Retrievers the best dogs?



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Why are golden retrievers the best dogs?

Golden retrievers are faithful, loyal, and extremely loving dogs. They are an active breed, but they also enjoy quiet and calm time with their owners. Their tranquil natures allow them to fit into a variety of homes. Golden Retrievers and children can become best of friends as they love to be played with and have lots of energy. This breed is also often used as therapy dogs to help and support adults as well as children. They offer social support and can regulate mood which makes them a great companion for children with autism and other conditions. Golden retrievers are also used as guide dogs for visually impaired as they are calm, gentle, and patient. Something that you should know before choosing this breed is that they do require lots of exercise, and a lot of grooming. If walking or hoovering is not for you then a different breed may suit you better.

Where do golden retrievers come from?

The golden retriever was originally bred in Scotland in mid 19th Century. They were crossed with a water spaniel and a black retriever. Their pups were then crossed with a sandy bloodhound, Irish setters, and a St. John’s water dog and that is how the breed was formed. The breed was recognised as a golden retriever by the Kennel Club in 1903. They were bred to retrieve waterfowl and game as they are soft mouthed during hunting and shooting parties.

Will a golden retriever protect me?

Golden retrievers are obedient, clever and very loyal to their owners. The golden retriever will protect his/her owner if trained to do so. Golden retrievers have been bred to be a gentle dog, but if someone came too close, they can easily read body language. The golden retriever does not usually bark but will growl in certain situations.

Are golden retrievers’ hypo allergenic?

Golden retrievers are unfortunately not hypoallergenic as they have a double coat and frequently shred. People think that pet allergies are caused by a dog's fur but the real source is dander -dead flakes of skin. They are in the top five for worst breeds of dogs to cause allergies and are therefore not suitable for people with allergies such as asthma.

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