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Juggling is an art

It’s a strange time for us all, we think we have one thing figured out and another curve ball is thrown at us. Most people seem to have dealt with it, our heads are full of guidelines, school/work/home life routines and very little space in between - walking is our only solace.

Balance is key

In my nutrition business I have always talked about balance being key, our bodies need the right foods and a balance is now required in our lifestyles too. I have been a homeworker since 2015 when my daughter was born, it also became the year I started my business and the struggles of lifestyle balance began. As a new mum, employee and entrepreneur I had to adapt to a way of working that would suit everyone. I made sure everyone’s needs were met and anytime left was for me to build my business. It’s safe to say my business didn’t soar but in 2019 I left the comfort of my employment after my son was born.

Home or school education

Schooling at home had been something I had toyed with previously but the convenience of having someone more qualified to do it, not to mention the free childcare did appeal! My daughter is young so I didn’t panic when the school was shut in March 2020. Lockdown in 2021 has brought us her Reception work and to be honest we only dip in and out when we can. I am a huge believer in learning life skills before some of the standard school subjects. At an early age we are told by the school system that if we don’t make the grades we have failed, personally I don’t believe that. My daughter wants to be a showjumper, I will never close that door for her and if she wants it badly enough it will happen.

Preparation is key

Home working is challenging, but you can prepare in other ways - here are my top tips: 1. A great mindset is needed, so make time before the day starts. Try some of these Walking, meditation, exercise, Qi Qong, a motivational book or video (YouTube have loads) 2. Prepare food and drinks in advance. Keep vegetables, fruit and high protein snacks ready. Chopped veggies and houmous, almonds, protein bars, pre-boiled eggs, rice cakes, tuna, cottage cheese. Keep sweet treats to a minimum as they can affect concentration. 3. Have a routine set so everyone knows what they are doing. Planners can be great to note important dates on. 4. Have fun! Take regular breaks, stretch and try to laugh. Schedule a lunch break where you watch a comedy or listen to music and have a dance! Remember you aren’t alone, if you are struggling tell someone and let’s get through this together.

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