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How does dancing help your wellbeing and confidence

Dance means so much to me – it’s the way I express myself, let go of frustrations and channel my energy. When a tune comes on in the supermarket, you can guarantee you’ll see me dancing down the aisles loving my little life with no care in the world. There are so many styles and variants and that’s the beauty of it, people can find their best way to connect to the music they like – it’s not a one size fits all. One of my favourite styles and it’s the one I do the most is Commercial.

What is commercial dancing

Commercial dancing is a mix of several styles including street, modern, jazz and hip hop and is very much on trend right now! This style is most commonly seen in pop artists live shows, music videos and movies - so you’ve probably seen It quite a lot without realising. This style of dancing allows a dancer to bring energy and self-expression to their routines and a freedom to be creative blending the different dance disciplines together. It’s a high cardio style and will give your body a full workout! What I love about commercial is that there’s an emphasis on performing, it’s about entertaining, making an audience feel the good vibes emitting from you.

What does dancing mean to you

For me personally I love putting a show and never back down from the chance to perform, however I completely understand that for some people this isn’t always a comfortable thing to do – so we need to break it down. Hopefully by the end of reading this I’ll have convinced you to give commercial dancing a try. First off let me tell you the benefits! 1. Feel good endorphins – dancing is a form of exercise so it releases those good old endorphins around the body – whether you nailed those routines or not you’ve moved your body and that’s enough! 2. Sense of accomplishment – if you know you know, completing a routine with all the right moves in the right places just feels glorious. There’s nothing better than nailing a routine that you couldn’t do in the first place or when something that seemed so hard, beginning to feel easy. As with everything in life, looking at the finished result can seem daunting but when it’s broken down it’s not as hard as you once thought. 3. Socialising – it’s one of the best parts about attending a dance class, everyone is there to have a good time, so you’ll feed off those vibes, and sometimes it’s just what you need after a hard day. 4. Be in the moment! You don’t realise you’re working out. You’re so focused on the dance moves that you’re not thinking about how much you’re moving your body, how much time is left on the clock, or can I do the rest – you’re just purely in the moment! 5. Improved cardiovascular health – When executing the different moves you’re challenging your heart rate and improving your endurance! 6. Feel the burn! - When dancing no muscle is left behind so you’re improving your balance and strength as it incorporates movements on all planes of motion and from all directions. 7. Boosts cognitive performance and it challenges the brain! – No matter your age you can increase in brain power as you need to access that for dance when it requires you to focus on changing of movement and recalling the moves simultaneously. 8. It’s inclusive – dance doesn’t care about your size, your weight, your skill, it’s all about connecting. There’s no judgement, just expression. Anyone can do it, at the level that suits them.

Why dancing is so good for your mental health!

Most importantly it’s so good for your mental health! Attending a dance class can seem daunting right? (especially after lockdown). Some of us have added some new buddies over that time called anxiousness and nervousness, and from a person who’s never really experienced that before – having them now, sucks. But I refuse to let it defeat me and stop me from doing the things I enjoy. Knowing all the benefits that dance gives me and how I feel after it outweighs any of the things that my anxiousness or nervousness tell me are going to happen. It’s ironic that the very thing like attending a dance class can promote feelings of anxiousness within you, yet when you’re there it actually reduces those feelings and even reduce depression within oneself. Weeks of consistent dancing can give you more energy to focus on the things you’ve been putting off, it can put your mind in a better place and change the negative narrative going on in your head to a positive one, it will work towards your health and fitness goals, and give you some brand new friends in the meant time – winning all round! So what are you waiting for? Get involved, get moving and get expressing yourself!

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What classes are available?

All ages and abilities are welcome at class. Whether you have two left feet, or want to get back into dancing, there is something for everyone at our classes, and the best part? You can create your own playlist.

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