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How can I make my office more comfortable?

You must invest in a decent office chair one that is suitable for at least 8 hours of working, you must ensure there is plenty of light – natural light. The position of your desk and chair is very important; to allow you to have the light and to see into your screen and not be looking down this also stops you from slouching. Make sure the room temperature is set right and organise your documents so you know where everything is.

Is it worth investing money in quality office equipment?

The answer is ‘YES’, remember you are using your chair, computer, phone for almost 8 hours a day it’s that saying ‘Buy cheap buy twice’. The technology you use needs to be up to up to date and enable you to do your job. We’re not saying you have to buy the most expensive piece of equipment but you need to ask yourself ‘Do you want to be buying another computer, printer etc. in 6 to 12 months’ time, I’m sure the answer is NO! If you are unsure do some research, ask for some expert advice.

How can I make my workplace COVID secure?

By moving employee’s desks 2m apart and sanitising the area you work in and decluttering your workspace this will stop the spread of germs. Ensure there are hand sanitisers available for your employees to use, whether it’s on their desk or a hand sanitiser station which also has gloves and facemasks available. Invest in sneeze screens whether it’s floor standing or desktop they class as a protection barrier. Employers need to do a risk assessment to make sure it’s safe for their employees to be in the office!

What are the 3 most important things in a workplace?

The wellness of your employees is very important, you should check 1) Are they ok? 2) Do they, need any help/training? 3) What can you do to assist them in their job? Is it safe environment for them to work, have you gone through the handbook do they know where the fire exit is, do they know who to report to? Recognition of your employees goes a long way, say ‘Thank you’ highlight they’ve done a good job, this goes a long way and might make someone’s day. a) Work life balance b) Career Development c) Security and Stability

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