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What is the PACE Program?

The PACE Program is a comprehensive do-it-yourself Self-Awareness Seminar product. It consists of 3 modules: Awareness, Change and Evolve. Each module consists of 4 days of activities and approximately 6.5 hours each day. Overview The Awareness Training is a unique opportunity for you to increase your ability to create outstanding results in your life, and to expand your sense of joy and fulfillment. The training is designed to assist you to explore important areas of your life—such as your career, your relationships, your self-esteem and self-confidence, your goals and direction—to discover how you can be more effective. Awareness addresses all dimensions of human nature: intellectual, emotional, and physical. During the training, you will have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of experiential learning processes. The purpose of these processes is to allow you to become more aware of yourself, and to try out new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that will increase your effectiveness and level of satisfaction in life. The value that you derive from these exercises will depend on your willingness to participate fully, and to apply what you learn to your daily life. To create maximum value for yourself, read the descriptions of learning processes that make up the Awareness Training in the paragraphs below, and come ready to participate in every aspect of the training. Interactive Discussions Over the course of the training, your trainer will speak to the group about a variety of different subjects related to contemporary adult life. During these discussions, the trainer will suggest a point of view, or way of thinking, about these subjects. The purpose of these discussions is not for you to agree with what is said, or adopt the trainer’s point of view, but rather to clarify your own attitudes and ways of thinking. In this way, you may become more aware of your values, your direction in life, and what you are committed to. You will also have an opportunity to see more clearly how you participate in group situations, with your colleagues at work, or with your friends or family. One on One During the training, you will be asked to participate in several one-on-one interactions with other participants, which we call dyads. In a dyad, you may be asked to answer a series of questions, complete statements, describe something that happened to you, or assume a particular body posture. Dyads provide opportunities to look honestly at specific personal issues, and to support your partner in doing so. For some participants, this may be an emotional experience. Mingles In a mingle, you will move about the training room, having brief interactions with many different people. As in dyads, your communication with other people during mingles is structured. Small Group Exercises On the first night of the training, you will choose approximately 6 to 8 other participants to work together as members of the same small group. Over the course of the training, you will have an opportunity to meet a number of times with your small group to discuss what you are learning and to share your experiences. You will also participate together as a group in certain training exercises. A volunteer staff member will act as your small group leader. Ground Rules The Awareness Training Ground Rules are designed to assist everyone in working cooperatively within a consistent format. During the first session of the training, the trainer will review the Ground Rules and ask that you agree to follow them as a condition of continuing in the training. A list of the Ground Rules is included in this form. Games As part of the training, you will have an opportunity to participate as a team member with other participants in a number of different games. These games will allow you to see more clearly the role you tend to play in group situations, and may reveal to you your attitudes regarding competition, cooperation, leadership, personal integrity, and other aspects of interpersonal relationships. Closed-Eye Processes During closed-eye processes, you will be guided by your trainer in visualizing situations from the past, and in creating a positive vision for your future. To facilitate relaxation and promote creativity, background music may be played and the lights may be lowered during these exercises. Sharing At many points throughout the training, you will have an opportunity to share about yourself and what you are learning with other participants, and to listen to the experiences of others. This sharing may take place one-on-one, in small groups, or before the entire training. Interactions with Your Trainer At times, you will have an opportunity to interact directly with your trainer. The trainer’s perspective is that you are capable of dealing effectively with the circumstances in your life, and that a stance of personal responsibility is more effective than a stance of powerlessness in the face of life’s demands. In addition, the trainer assumes that you are striving for joy, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment in all areas of your life. Interactions with the trainer will allow you to examine your attitudes, assumptions, and behaviors, and you may feel challenged or uncomfortable in dealing with the unfamiliar. Overnight task At the end of each day, you will be given a homework assignment to be completed before the next day’s session begins. The homework is designed to assist you to reflect on your experience, bring greater clarity to what you are learning, and prepare you for the next day’s session. Food and Sleep Throughout the training, it is important that you take care of your health by getting sufficient sleep and eating nutritious food. Awareness Training Ground Rules The essence of every game is contained in its rules. The following ground rules are designed to allow everyone in the Awareness Training to create maximum value for themselves. Keep other participants’ words and actions completely confidential. Please note: Legacy cannot guarantee confidentiality.

How can the PACE Program benefit me?

The program has a dual function of benefits. The first is it provides the opportunity for a motivational speaker, coach or aspiring leader to host phenomenal seminars. Secondly, as a participant of the course it provides a deepening sense of Awareness and challenges the participant to see how and what has influenced them to become who they are. And to look closer and make the decision if they are happy who they have become. This parlays into the second module Change. This module takes the participant to the point of examining the different areas of their life that would consider changing. And the third module Evolve ushers the participant to a place of understanding their self-worth and helps them to fully move to a point of understanding that they have something to give back.

Will the program increase my confidence?

By becoming more self-aware of how you came to the point where you are and who and how you were influenced helps you to gain a greater sense of confidence. Throughout the program you will be challenged, pushed and elevated to a place of confidence. You will also tackle some of your greatest fears within the course.

Who is the program suitable for?

The program would be suitable for anyone looking to achieve a greater sense of self-awareness of who they are or someone that is looking to see different areas of their life that they have been avoiding or different people that are looking to live life to the fullest. Personally, I believe everyone could benefit by going through the PACE Program.

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