Why is HR Important?


HR is possibly one of the most important areas of a company that employs staff. They deal with almost all aspects of the relationship between the employee and the employer and yet for many this area is widely over looked. 

So See No Bounds decided to ask hub member, HR Dept director and experienced HR professional Lee Monroe  to clear up what HR Means, what  the typical responsibilities are, policies and importance.  The aim, to give you an insight to how HR will help you run and protect your company and staff. 

Lee Monroe Assoc CIPD

Lee Monroe Assoc CIPD

Providing an outsourced HR Service to Local businesses across Abergavenny, Brecon, Blaenau Gwent & Cwmbran.

What HR means?

HR stands for human resources. This used to be known as personnel, the term is increasingly being replaced by “People”. The term “human resources” refers to the people who work in a company. The human resources or HR department is the team that usually looks after employee management and development within a business/organisation.

What HR representatives do?

Typical responsibilities include data administration, recruitment, pay and benefits, training, talent management, absence and grievance management, health and safety, working practices and policies.

What HR policies should a company have?

There are some important policies your business will need to be compliant with British law. These are; Equal opportunities, Health & safety, Equality and diversity and Discipline/dismissal and grievance. Effective business policies must be specific and clear on what they involve staff members doing. They should also be appropriate to your business.

Why HR is important?

HR is about a practical approach to managing people that supports the business/organisation and helps achieve business objectives. Your employees are one of your greatest assets. You cannot run or build a business without good people. HR’s role is to advise and assist management / business owners on how to manage employees and deal with difficult situations. HR is important in advising and supporting businesses manage people issues effectively so problems that arise don’t escalate and maybe cost the business money through a tribunal.  

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