Why branding is so important?


When Jamie of ‘See No Bounds’ approached me to write a few words about branding, design &
marketing I panicked and thought I haven’t got time, I’m far too busy, doing, um… branding, design &
marketing. Apart from being a bit conceited and very unhelpful, when I thought about things again I
considered if I haven’t got time for this and the very people I try to help then why would anyone else
have time for branding?
Why would or should you take the time to read this…? Well, I actually think it’s quite important, in a fun
kind of way and not a life or death kind of way, so here’s my thoughs of why, as a small business
owner you should look your branding, design & marketing…

Keith James

Keith James

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Why branding is so important?

Good branding tells a story, sometimes it’s your story, it reflects the values and ethos you want to communicate. Good branding is memorable and it should also differentiate you from your competitors you should stand out visually… in a good way! If done correctly good branding saves you time and money and creates synergy across all your business assets. Plus it looks pretty cool.

Are branding and marketing the same thing?

Branding is your visual identity and personality, your vision and mission, your logo, your tagline and colour palette, and your story, it is long term and although may evolve over the years with adpating to trends and shifts in the market place it should remain fairly consistent.
Marketing is how you communicate and sell your message, services or products to your customers or potential customers. A good campaign or piece or marketing should tie into your brand but have a concept or idea of it’s own that creates an interest or sparks a fire in your target audience!

What are branding strategies?

OK, I’m not a brand strategist, as I think this is a specialist area of it’s own, but it is important to consider how you’re going to implement all the hard work you’ve put in to get your visual identity the way you want it. Your brand strategy should bring your brand to life, it’s how you effictively commincate your brand values.

How branding works?

Branding is a little more than your logo and name, it should define everything about your business. Having nailed your brand strategy, it should tap into your target audience’s basic needs, whether it be more subliminal or obvious. The brand should create a meaningful link between you and your
customer through authenticity and defined brand values.

5 top tips for branding for startups?

  1. Your brand can be very personal to you, if you’re happy then the brand is happy and you’re more confident with it. Make it personal, make it you, you’ll love it more!
  2.  Consider who you’re trying to attract, your target audience!
  3. Look at your competitors and what they’re doing, some maybe good some maybe bad but at least you’ll have scope of the market place you’re in.
  4. Your brand and especially your logo should work in the real world and across all digital platforms and social media, smartphone, laptop, banner or billboard poster, it’s all about clarity, simplicity and commincation.
  5. Keep that synergy going across everything you do. It promotes familiarity and customer comfort towards you and your brand!
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