What marketing means?


Marketing! I am a marketer, I do your marketing, I can get you leads through marketing. And of course we target your market! Great! But what does all that actually mean? What do I need to know? Is all that stuff even that important? Cant I just go and sell stuff? That’s how it used to be done!

Well all these confusing questions and answers are currently very relevant. So we once again turned to our professionals. this time It Ellis Smith from EM Social to give us his views on this very subject.

Ellis Smith

Ellis Smith

Founder at EMSocial

What marketing means?

I believe marketing is the actions and processes of try to entices a target audience to purchase, use or seek information of a product or service. Marketing has  a number of different components to it. Overall however it is the process of communicating and promoting a product to an audience you have researched, you use this information in your marketing plan to get this particular profile to buy into your brand, whether that be a product, service or just become a fan.

Why marketing is important?

The end goal of the majority of businesses is to make a profit and marketing helps sell your products and services. Marketing is what drives sales in my opinion and without sales the business will fail. Marketing is a great way of engaging your customers, it helps get the customer talking about your business, it helps the business grow as a brand. Marketing is also important to a companies reputation, good marketing campaigns stick in the customers memory for a long time but so do the bad ones, for the wrong reasons of course.

How marketing can support sales?

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. They can work together to create a buyer profile in order to create the best marketing and best sales techniques aimed at that targeted buyer. Marketing can create more leads for the sales team to go out and sell.

How marketing has changed?

I feel marketing has broken off the shackles of the previous century. The internet has created a totally brand new way of marketing and at a far bigger reach. New technologies have allowed marketing to become clean, crisp and sexy industry. Marketing has become advanced just like the world around it.

Marketing versus advertising?

Advertising is a strand of marketing. Marketing collects the research and data needed for the advertising to take place. Without marketing, advertising would just be a shot in the dark. In basic terms advertising is a step under the marketing umbrella.

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