What is an I.T Audit?


Recently we welcomed I.T superstar Simon Brothwood of GNU – Consulting into The See No Bounds Hub. Simon has very kindly added a fantastic offer to our members area. A free I.T audit for members of See No Bounds. And this got us thinking! What is an I.T Audit? What is the process? and Why is it important? These questions where in fact commonly asked so with this in mind we once again turned to the professionals to find the answers.  

Simon Brothwood

Simon Brothwood

GNU Consulting

What is an I.T Audit?

The IT Audit is a quick and simple process to go through, by providing some basic information about your current IT setup, how you use it and what you are looking to get from it, we are able to gain a basic understanding of your current setup. From there we can make some suggestions and recommendations as to what you might be able to achieve with your IT systems.

What is an I.T Audit process?

Basically it’s a simple way for us to understand what setup you have, if you are adequately protected and backed up, and to understand at a high level what problems you are experiencing with your IT systems and what you may be able to achieve to make life easier.

Why is an I.T Audit important?

I.T is used more than ever in business today, additionally there have been some massive advancements in what is easily achievable with IT systems at the same time. The problem is a lot of businesses simply are not aware of some of the things which are easily achievable with a little though and creativity.


If you are running something like Microsoft 365 for your core IT, then in most cases there is a lot of automation and process driven software included within the existing subscription, but user simply are not aware of this and what benefit it can bring to the business. It may only be something as simple as creating a standard set of folders when a new client is taken on, but by automating that task it means that someone doesn’t have to remember to do it each time a new client is taken on, and it also means the client folders will always be in the same place and have the same structure – how many time have we gone searching for files and folders that different people name slightly differently.

It is also a good basic check to ensure that you are protected if your data is stored in the cloud. It is important to say that there are no actual checks carried out on the setup that you, it is merely based upon the information provided, but from that we are able to give some guidance and advice as to if you are following best practice etc.


Well, i think that gives us a good understanding of the services on offer and why they are important! If you want to know more then you kind find Simon right here at See No Bounds, listed in our Hub. Thank you Simon for your amazing contribution and it is great to know we have expertise like this in our ever growing community. 

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