What does last will and testament mean?


Death is not something we all talk about around the dinner table, But maybe we should make sure people know what we want after we are gone. How do we do that? Simple we put it into a last will and testament! Easy right! Well that’s all well and good but what exactly is a last will and testament? Who has to write it? Who sees them? and where is the best place to store them? Never fear with the help of Deri Ap Hywel of Maplebrook Wills we have found the answers you are looking for. 

Deri Ap Hywel

Deri Ap Hywel

Maplebrook Wills

What does last will and testament mean?

It is a legal document that communicates clearly a person’s final wishes, regarding their possessions and dependants. In other words, when you go, who gets your stuff, and who might you wish to bring up the kids if they were still young.

Who can write a last will and testament?

Anyone over the age of 18 can make a Will, provided they are of sound mind and ideally not being unduly influenced! The age factor is because you cannot be a legal owner of land or property until you are 18, although you may well be a beneficiary and such assets held on Trust for you until you attain a certain age.

Are last will and testament public record?

When your executors apply for probate, which is the official process of establishing the validity of a Will, and then probate is granted, you Will becomes public record. This is how charities often first discover that someone has left them a legacy or gift. So think hard about what you include in your Will, as everyone could see it!

Where to store a will and testament?

You can either store your Will yourself, or use professional document storage for a minimal fee. Either way, make sure it is safe and secure, and importantly, that the relevant people know where it is. There is only one thing worse than not having a Will, and that’s having a Will that has been damaged or where no-one knows where it is!!


That’s definitely cleared up a few questions around a last will and testament. I think the very clear message is that they are a very important document to have and then to be kept safe. I guess it is strange to think that your very last wishes is all written down on a piece of paper. However the idea of a will is there to protect you and your loved ones when you are no longer able to say what you want to happen.  Don’t hesitate get in touch with Deri Ap Hywel of Maplebrook Wills now! To find out more you can find him in the See No Bounds hub! 

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