What can you do to support sustainability?


Sustainability is a definite buzz word that gets passed around both in the press and on social media platforms. We have to be sustainable. Its a true a fair statement. However, What does it mean? What are our responsibilities? And, Where can we get help and advise? 

We hooked up with See No Bounds Hub member James Davies of 3de Consulting Ltd to answer those questions for us.  

James Davies

James Davies

3de Consulting Ltd

What can you do to support sustainability?

We all have a responsibility to use our resources more sustainably, we can support you by:

  1. Calculating the predicted energy use and CO2 emissions of your existing or proposed building.
  2. Developing strategies for you to minimise your predicted energy use and CO2 emissions by taking a detailed look at the building fabric (walls, windows, insulation etc), and the services within the building (boilers, air conditioning, lighting etc).
  3. Assisting you to implement any suggested strategies to enable you to realise any commercial and environmental savings.

What are the 5 principles of sustainability?

The five main principles of sustainability to take away are:

  1. Minimising waste
  2. Changing our old habits
  3. Promoting sustainable values & an environmental ethos
  4. Protecting our natural resources
  5. Becoming mindful of the impact of our choices

What are the 3 sustainable responsibilities?

When applied to the built environment, we must all take responsibility to:

  1. Minimise our energy use by conserving the energy we do use.
  2. Ensure the energy we use comes from sustainable sources wherever possible.
  3. Make a conscious effort to move away from our over reliance on fossil fuels.

what do sustainability consultants do?

As sustainability consultants working within the construction industry, our aim is to improve the built environment. To do this, we endeavour to minimise the energy use and subsequent Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions of the buildings we all live, work, learn, and socialise within. We endeavour to add value to every stage of a construction project, as both commercial value for our Client’s and environmental value for us all.


So there you go, that gives you a little insight into sustainability. Its an area that we all need to look at. We have a responsibility to look after the world we live in. Construction based industries are always looking at new and inattentive ways to make sure we keep our planet safe for the future.

What is your next move towards Sustainability? 

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