Welcome to Carles Riba - Spanish Tutor


Course Packages (lesson duration 45 minutes):

  • Purely Conversation
  • Holiday Talk
  • GCSE (UK & international)
  • A Level
  • Baccalaureate

You are learning Spanish from scratch or you already have an intermediate level and you are looking to improve your pronunciation, improve fluency or just looking to practice? then this class is for you! If you want to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way, you are in the right place. There is no better way to learn a language than speaking it! 
Why choose Carles Riba

Carles also conducts Spanish GCSE and A level examinations for examining bodies in England and Wales, so if you are doing Spanish at school, Carles will prepare you for these examinations so you can achieve the maximum grade.

“Carles is a native from Barcelona, he is very kind and speaks both English and Spanish perfectly. He is patient and talks slow for beginners. He is a great tutor.”

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