Review of magical U


Magical U is a game to help our children with their learning process. It helps the child to communicate and understand their feelings where they are able to be who they truly desire to be and live their lives as fully as they possibly can.
By encouraging the child to play with Magical U it allows them to not only engage in learning the process of life, but it helps to clear any programming that can be getting in the child’s way.
Magical U allows the child to access their own subconscious programming and by playing the game they can reprogram themselves in a positive and uplifting way to how they wish to feel.

Jaz Goven

Jaz Goven

Managing Director at Fast Track Technique PLC

Testimonial, Story by Jaz

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Ken one of the founders of The School of Hope Orphanage here in Northern Thailand.  Ken was taking care of a special group of 11 Burmese Orphans ranging from age 11 – 17. 

These kids had less than nothing: no parents, no siblings, identity papers, money or personal possessions. When I first met them, they were insecure and scared of so many things.

Since they had no ID papers, they were illegal and not officially allowed to go to school.  Bribes had to be paid to teach them and they were scared they would get stopped on the bus to school and sent back to where their homes no longer existed.

Ken saw the need for some inner work, so for several weeks I popped along there with another Magical U Practitioner and ‘played’ the game.

Initially, they were awkward, shy, scared and nervous and would only sit with me and ‘play’ the game if there was another person present. However, after a very short time they became so familiar with Magical U and the cards that they started to tell me about their problems through the pictures on the cards.  And, after just a few short weeks I would roll up at their home to find between 9 and 12 cute little people waiting patiently to play the game. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

Their problems were very similar, worrying about school, having no friends, feeling different, being caught by the police and similar situations.  It wasn’t possible to have deep conversations with them about their parents and traumatic events but even so suddenly, they were speaking English with more confidence, making friends, entering competitions, laughing more, and Alex started applying to go to university and became a Magical U practitioners to carry on helping his new brothers and sisters.

What blew me away was these children still had less than nothing, still had no parents, siblings or ID but what they did have was self-confidence and a sense of security that no-one can take away.

Most of these children could not read the words on the cards; They didn’t need too – the pictures did the work and the magic just flowed.

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