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Beverley Jones

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August 2nd 2010 marks a very important day

August 2nd 2010 marks a very important day for it is the day I rang HMRC to tell them I was now self employed and starting my own business. Ten years on Awaken is still going strong and is developing constantly to help people in all walks of life, whether personal, small business, corporates or through events.

Now if you are in business I bet when you started you were advised to find your niche; I know I was. I struggled with it for so long as I knew that while it was important to have an ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) profile I knew I wanted to help many. I pondered and deliberated a lot until I found a way. As you will see from above I do now work with many niche’s and here is the secret, you can work with many niches too as long as you tailor your sales and marketing to target each one separately, trust me this is how it is done. If you want proof of this look at someone like MacDonald’s, they don’t try and sell their meat burgers to vegan’s and vegetarians likewise they don’t sell a veggie burger to a meat eater so why can’t you do the same in your market place.

Figuring stuff out

This was just one of the things that I had to figure out when I started Awaken, in truth there were many more. Today ten years on I still often spend time ‘figuring stuff out’ because that is the way it is in business. I have had sleepless nights and anxiety over how to bring in clients; I have had to learn how to use technology to reach out to others; I have diversified (many times); I have cried but through it all I have remained consistent in my message and in how I work.

So why if I have had to go through all the above am I still here 10 years in, well 1. because I love it, 2.  I love helping others and 3. I remember the day I started, the joy and excitement it bought when I rang HMRC stays with me every day. I did it for me but most of all I did it to help others.

Having walked the path of a business owners today one of ICA’s is someone who indeed wants the help of someone who has been there. I know I can help others because on day one I could of indeed done with meeting someone like me.

I urge you never forget your why. Stay consistent and always on the tough days hold on to the excitement of the day you started – trust me it will get you through.

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Beverley Jones Public Speaker

As an inspirational and motivational speaker/writer, Beverley undertakes many engagements to share her journey through which she demonstrates how an ordinary life can become extraordinary.
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