How cooking activities support learning?

Sara Butler

Sara Butler

Franchise owner- Cook Stars children's cookery school

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How cooking activities support learning?

From the minute a child enters our classes they start learning communication, social skills and sharing! This is before we start to weigh, measure, mix, chop, grate, whisk and make the delicious recipes! Children gain oodles of confidence in our classes as they are allowed to take control and make their recipe from scratch without much assistance!

Why cooking is important?

I could talk for ages about the importance of cooking, however specifically cooking with children I believe is so important for the following reasons.

It instils healthy eating habits-if children are allowed to choose the ingredients, taste and experience new food they hopefully will grow to love the healthy food for life!

Cooking together in the kitchen is a great bond and creates fabulous memories. Some of my earliest memories are in the kitchen with either my Grandma or Mum!

Confidence-When a child produces an amazing plate of food and can say “I made this myself” they will start to feel confident in many areas of their life!

Where cooking begins?

Cooking begins as soon as your children are old enough to take an interest in food, I have seen children as young as 1 years old have great fun in the kitchen!

Why cooking is a good hobby?

You can challenge yourself every time you are in the kitchen so you never run out of ideas! Last week I learned some Thai food on an online session with Jamie Oliver’s cookery school it was great being the other side of the camera and I learned loads of new tips and tricks! Oh and of course the obvious you get to eat your hobby!

How cooking can help your wellbeing?

Cooking is definitely good for my mental health, when I am feeling sad I bake beautifully risen cupcakes and spend time decorating them to look pretty!

I love reading cookery books, especially ones that previously belonged to my Grandma and Mum, the pages sprinkled with aged flour and sugar and notes about the recipes scrawled in the margins

Now I love helping young people find their happiness amongst the recipes we make together.

You can find me right here in the See No Bounds Hub

If you would like to find out more you can find me here in the See No Bounds hub or you can use the links above.
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