How can online presence affect employment?


Hello I am Jamie McAnsh. one of the founders of See No Bounds. Our whole business is about creating online presence and building communities.

This concept has got me thinking as all too often I search what people are up to , or even who they are as a person. Would I want to work with this person? Are they creditable? Who could I refer them to within my company.  That got me thinking!

See No Bounds

See No Bounds

How can online presence affect employment?

So, this is an interesting subject that I have decided to blog about. How can your online presence affect employment? We are all very much these day creatures of online habits. We use social media and online platforms to express our lives. But how is that affecting your employment or possible employment?  

Well if you have ever thought about that then this is a great time to Google yourself! I decided to do that and found I was displayed on the first 10 pages of Google search. Was displayed in 3030 results and have been searched for 1000’s of times. There were more images and news articles about me, and I was even mentioned in a book. I did the same on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The results were very similar. 

Okay, I was not overly surprised as I have achieved many things and fortunately all the posts were positive. However, it got me thinking! If I had been searched so many times, then was this common practice and how would that effect my everyday life? 

Would this really affect me my everyday day life?

The answer is obvious. Yes, it would and in fact it already has affected my life. Let me let you into a little secret! When companies are looking to employ you they will Google you or look at your social media profile to find out what type of a person you are. 

There I said it. You are what you put out there. And there is no way of stopping it once it is life and open to the world. Google is a great tool and it can make or break you. 

Social media dominates the online space with its content and SEO capabilities. Its easy to use and we are almost all on there and involved. It is also a great platform for employers and contract holders to get an insight into who they are working with. So do the search and remember that if you can see it so can everyone else.  

There are so many hot topics in the press now that if spoken about could and will mean that you are judged on your views and opinions. This could be the difference between the money coming in or the money going to someone else.  

So, STOP and think before you post how will this affect you either now or in the future. But be sure to remember that whatever you post it will most definitely be seen by someone that one day may just be the person that put food on your table and a roof over your head. Socan your online presence affect your employment? The answer is! It depends on what you decide to post and share with the world.  

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