How can I earn money from art?


I would like to share my experience that has brought me to starting my small business Pet Art By Judy

Making An Income From My Drawings

I had never really given much thought that I may be able to make an income from my drawings. Or ever really taken time to think, how can I earn money from art? My first recollection of drawing was with my father, he used to help me and he did seem have a good eye for art.  I was often told my drawing was good but I never really believed anyone as I thought maybe they were just being kind.  I did Art in school and this turned into one of my favourite and best subjects so decided to take an Art A level.  Unfortunately this turned out to be more about the History of Art as opposed to physically drawing or painting.

Foundation Course In Art

Due to me not enjoying the course content I decided to leave school and join a Foundation Course In Art and Design.  These are run for the purpose of helping an artist decide which area they would like to have a career in, either fine art, abstract or whatever medium they find suits them best.  After this course I wanted to be an architect and found a course but unfortunately at the interview was told I would need to have done Technical Drawing and as this was not offered to females at school I couldn’t be offered a place so I got onto a course for Shop fitting and Exhibition Design instead.  After 2 weeks on this course I returned home.  This was not the course I wanted to take as I made a big decision that I really only wanted to draw for pleasure and not for career.

No 2 Artists Are The Same

My chosen medium was always pencil instead of paint and I suppose I think I can control a pencil far better than a paint brush.  There are many artists out there who would not agree with me…..but this is why no 2 artists are the same and so they shouldn’t be!  I do admit I do not understand paintings that look like they have literally had paint splashed all over them and just left to dry, I do get that some people have the imagination to be able to see beyond this but for myself, what I see is what I draw, to me its real.

Up To Date

So that brings me up to date where I was encouraged by Charlott Fagergard and Jamie McAnsh after drawing their dog Tesni and they suggested I could join their marketplace and show and sell my art.  They made me believe that my drawings WERE good enough to be able to sell and set about completing a few drawings concentrating on animal portraits.  This was the best thing that could have happened, it is just a shame it has taken me all this time to realise what I am able to do.

I Would Always Encourage Anyone Who Has A Talent To Pursue It.

I would always encourage anyone who has a talent to pursue it and show it to the world, it is too much of a shame to keep it to yourself and I have learnt now I have found the style I am happy drawing and I get very excited about my art once again and passion is now driving to try to build a small business where I can give other people pleasure seeing my art on their walls.

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