Welcome to Natasha baker - French Tutor


Beginner French for adults ! If you want to get started learning Français or to gain some useful language skills in readiness for a French holiday, this is the class for you…

Whether it be just ordering that second (or third!) vin rouge in Paris, or perhaps taking that next step towards fluency to let you make some “real-life” French amis ! About me : My name is Natasha. I lived and worked in Paris for a number of years, studying droit at La Sorbonne in Paris and working as a juriste. I also ran my own legal translation business. After returning to the UK I set up my current business teaching French to children (including my own who I am raising bilingual). I love watching little ones absorb the language and start speaking it at home. It has made me realise just how passionate I am about teaching and therefore have decided to start teaching French to adults too !Why choose Carles Riba

Carles also conducts Spanish GCSE and A level examinations for examining bodies in England and Wales, so if you are doing Spanish at school, Carles will prepare you for these examinations so you can achieve the maximum grade.

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