Introduction to Flexyfoot

Welcome to our FlexyFoot Product Information, we aim to offer you some detailed information with regards to the Flexyfoot range. for more information please get in touch with us via our contact page.

Designed to increase user safety and comfort using shock-absorbing technology and high grip materials. Quality products combined with performance. Setting a new standard in walking technology.


Designed to be retro-fit to a variety of walking aids they are available in black and grey, and in four different sizes, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm & 25mm. Articulated and shock absorbing. See Product range.

Replacement Foot

The bottom part of a ferrule, known as the foot, can be replaced when it becomes worn or damaged reducing the ongoing cost of owning a Flexyfoot. See Product Range.

Walking Sticks

Combining our ferrule with a high-quality stick to provide a solid, reliable and quiet walking aid. Available as a rigid telescopic stick or a three-part folding stick with its own carry bag.

Our Easy Grip Oval Handle has been ergonomically designed to spread the users’ weight evenly across the palm with no pinch or pressure points. The handle sits over the centre of the stick to relieve pressure on the wrist. The soft-touch inner surface provides increased grip and comfort.

Our soft-grip Derby style handle provides comfort through thoughtful design and materials.

Urban Hiking Poles

Designed specifically with the built environment in mind. For those who want assistance with balance, stability, and confidence but that don’t yet need/want a walking stick. Sporty and light with superior grip and versatility. See product Range.


Textured matt black crutches with soft grip straight or anatomic grips are suitable for everyone. Available with a choice of closed or open cuffs. Fitted with our “High Activity” foot to provide greater shock absorption for our most active and load-bearing users.

Ice Boots

A simple pull-on boot that fits securely over the tread of the foot to provide grip in ice and snow. It comes with a convenient cover to protect users and aid fitting.

FlexyFoot Product Information, Technical Details.


Consists of two parts: 1. Collar: which fits to aid, 2. Foot: which crews into the collar

The collar is guaranteed for one year from manufacturing defects. The foot is a serviceable part and must be changed when worn to the wear markers or damaged.

The foot has 50% better grip than standard rubber ferrules. Max User’s Weight is 130KG.

Flexyfoot is supplied with 2 rings to upgrade to a “High Activity” foot for increased resistance.

Independently tested to EN ISO 24415-1 and  EN ISO 24415-2 for grip and durability.

Walking Sticks:

Ergonomic oval handle with a wrist strap or traditional soft-grip handle with wrist strap. Height range: Telescopic stick 71-96.5cm. Folding stick 83.7-93.7cm. Tested to EN ISO 1134-4-9 Static load and Fatigue Tests. Max user weight 130KG. Anodised finish for durability with screen printed graphics. Folding sticks have own plain black branded carry bag.

Hiking Poles:

Made in 3 Pieces. Height range: 710-965mm.  Cork handle with wrist strap. Lightweight and versatile. Note: this is not classified as a walking stick so has no weight bearing rating

Ice Boots:

Ice boot clips over Flexyfoot foot. Stainless steel teeth provide extra grip in icy conditions.

Cover pushes on to Boot for  protection


Closed Cuff: Smart textured matt black finish. Height range 75cm-105cm (handgrip to ground). Soft grip standard or anatomical handle. Clip height adjustment. Reflectors front and back. Max user weight 150Kg

Open Cuff: Smart textured matt black finish. Height range 78cm-98cm (handgrip to the ground). Soft grip standard or anatomical handle. Pin height adjustment. Reflectors front and back. Max user weight 150Kg

FlexyFoot Product Information Summary

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