COVID Q & A How do you manage and record PPE breaches?


Josie Winter

Josie Winter

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PPE is essential when it means coming into close contact with those being cared for. Masks and gloves are the most obvious examples, and breaches in PPE need to be assessed. A breach can be as simple as:
• A tear in an outer glove
• A glove separating from the cuff
• A face mask having a rip in it, getting soiled or being compromised in any way
• A face mask slipping down over the mouth or nose It also includes if you touch the front of the mask (and/or face shield) with your hands when removing it. (A handy tip – maintaining tension on the straps is useful for preventing snapping while removing) • Any prolonged close contact to a COVID-19 positive client, who is not wearing a face mask, whilst your nose and mouth are exposed to any material potentially infected with the virus is also a breach.

Breaches will occur – nothing is 100% guaranteed – but what happens next is very important. The event needs to be assessed, and recorded as soon as possible. In the event of a potential exposure, COVID-19 exposure procedures must be followed. Not sure what the procedures should be for your organisation? We can help ensure you are keeping staff and service users safe.

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