See No Bounds Founder Jamie McAnsh has lived with CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for 6 years. His goal while learning to walk has always be his sights on Everest Base Camp. 

We all need a summit to reach for, a goal to achieve for Jamie it has been Everest base camp from day one. The moment you become disabled or like Jamie wake up paralysed you are told what you will no longer do, for Jamie this simply did not work. He wanted to find out what he can do and this challenge raising awareness for Burning Nights is exactly what Jamie is all about.

As a company See No Bounds will be linking up with Every Step For Haydn and will be doing lots of events to raise money for both Latch Children’s Cancer charity based in Cardiff and Kids Cancer charity based in Swansea. They are 2 fantastic charities that help children with cancer and their families as they did with us before and after Haydn’s death. All events will be posted on this page along with products that will be available to buy, and all the money raised will go to these charities. Thank you for all your support.

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