My Honest FlexyFoot Review

My Honest FlexyFoot Review

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By see No Bounds

My Honest FlexyFoot Review!

So here it is My honest FlexyFoot Review.  My name is, as many of you know Jamie McAnsh, the founder of See No Bounds and a full time user of disability aids. I still use my wheelchair on the days that my condition Complete Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is at its worst.

On good days I am up and about using my SmartCrutches. When I first reviewed the product almost three years ago, the first thing I commented on was the feet. I found that the hour glass design was good on day to day use. However, I didn’t want to settle for day to day use. I wanted to take the SmartCrutch off road. I wanted to climb mountains. The standard feet was simply not going to cut it.

FlexyFoot off road

FlexyFoot added to the SmartCrutch.

When I contacted SmartCrutch and advised of my opinion with the hour glass feet, they soon responded. 

They had traced down a new product that would change everything about the SmartCrutch. They added the FlexyFoot to the Crutches and now you have the best crutches on the market with the best feet on the market and a set of ‘go anywhere crutches’ that are simply life changing.

But Why?

So the FlexyFoot has three very unique selling points. 

    • Firstly, they are as they are described Flexible. If you have used crutches or sticks for a long time you would at some point have slipped on tile flooring, possibly in a supermarket. The reason for this is because at the point of most impact (i.e when the crutches are in front of you and you are about to lean into the next step) the standard ferrule only has about 2% of contact on the floor, not ideal. With the FlexyFoot the ferrule flexes so at that same point you actually have 100% contact with the floor. Much better, safer and for me it gives me that confidence to go anywhere.
    • Secondly, there is a cushion style pad between the foot and the crutch. Yes, this is what creates the flexible movement. It is also what offers the full movement with that extra bit of cushion adding to the overall comfort of the end product. If you are using the FlexyFoot on a cane for example I don’t believe there is another product on the market that creates a suspension style addition to canes. The benefits for the user will be felt in the wrists. For me I put a lot of weight through my crutches and the bellows design is exactly what I need.
    • And thirdly,  easy to change and replace. Fortunately I don’t have issues with my hands so I can only half comment but the overall view from customers is that it is easy to change. To change the lower section of the foot you simply pull and twist. The upper section stays in place and the lower section comes away. Replace and carry on. You can purchase the new sections individually in our shop. 
FlexyFoot on ice

What about ice?

FlexyFoot have this thought of. What happens when it freezes or snows? You simply purchase a handy little ice boot that clips onto the end of the foot and with its zigzag spike design you will have stability and grip when you most need it. 

Last winter when we had a lot of snow Charlott and I went out for a walk, I was very stable and never slipped once. Charlott on the other hand was not so good and that was with a good pair of walking boots.

A great little unique addition that again has not been offered anywhere else that I know of. 

FlexyFoot Ice Boot and Ferule


For me this is not a luxury item.  This is a life changing product. An investment in my health and well-being but also my safety. I have been using the Flexyfoot on my SmartCrutch now for nearly three years and I can honestly say I would not use anything else. When I first started selling these products earlier on this year I feel that I am helping people to improve their day to day lives. 

For elderly people stability and balance is everything. A simple fall can destroy confidence and if an injury is caused that person can be out of action for months. 

For younger people these products offer freedom and a new form of independence that I simply would not know how to put a price on. For me these are a necessity.

FlexyFoot replacement
Lower Flexyfoot section
FlexyFoot Ferrule
Complete FlexFoot Ferrule

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My Honest Smartcrutch Review 

Jamie McAnsh on Ben Nevis

By Jamie McAnsh

So here is my Honest Smartcrutch Review.

I first came across SmartCrutch Uk at Naidex the mobility show in Birmingham in 2017. Instantly, I was  impressed by the look, design and all round durability of the product. This was also the first time I had met Jason and asked if I could try them out. Really fancied putting them through their paces. 

When I asked Jason if they had ever been tested off road, and when I say that I mean mountains,  the answer was no. He advised me that he had not found anyone stupid enough to take them off road. His exact words. I simply smiled and said I was that Man. 

Most people think crutches are simply sticks to help you walk, to be honest you would be right, however! Crutches have come along way in design and practical use over the years. People now don’t want to simply sit around and feel sorry for themselves. Also, People want their crutches to be apart of the outfit. They now consider the look, the style and can they do everything they want from them. 

I have a set from early days that are adjustable, standard NHS issue and they do the job. Except the fact that you clink every time you take a step, They start to put massive pressures on your wrists and after long term use you start to suffer tendinitis. I was later issued with a solid every day set. Made to measure! These where great, no more clicking as the two sections moved on impact, however, they still came with the normal issues that you get for prolonged use. Pressure pains in your wrists mainly and sore hands. Unfortunately I don’t ever see SmartCrutch NHS becoming a thing. 

Over looked on everyday crutches.

Let’s look at a few of the things that are over looked on everyday crutches. The elbow cuff is normally made of moulded plastic that can be a little rough. Jumpers tend to get snagged and soon ruined.

Hand grips are normally also made of hard plastic and anyone who uses them for a period of time will get that red painful palm where you are basically pushing down on the grip.

The rubber feet that you only ever get full floor coverage when the crutches are completely straight. Use these on tiled floors like super markets and they can be lethal.

The main point to note.

Crutches are really designed for a short period of time. Standard Crutches are not designed to take your full weight. The main idea is to assist with balance not to replace it.

I tend to take most things and turn it on its head. For example a wheelchair, cut off the front end add a 3rd wheel and climb a mountain with it. Not its purpose.

When SmartCrutch asked me to review their product I assured them that I would push it to the limits.

SmartCrutch Eldow
SmartCrutch Features

So whats my verdict?

Everyday use they are great. Covering the initial issues every box has been ticked. An elbow support that is strong smooth and padded so you don’t get the issue with snagging and most of the support is through the elbow rather than the wrist. With the benefit of the elbow being a much bigger and stronger muscle group it can take the extra work load a lot easier. 

The hand grip is a soft comfortable rubber that has plenty of give, with the purpose mainly to guide the crutch the wrist pressure is reduced to almost zero. Add with an elbow section that adjusts to fit perfectly this creates a comfortable platform.

Even though they are fully adjustable you don’t get the clinking noise. They are a good fit and well-built. The adjustment needs to be there to make these crutches most effective. As you move the elbow joint from position 4 up you need to move the crutch up one level to take up the gap. This then stops the awkward shoulder movement. Improves posture and supports the user fully. I also used this when going up a mountain I lower the leg and coming down I raise the leg. Really helps me for terrain differences.

To me the extra safety magic is in the feet. Being flexible they offer a constant platform and grip to the ground so slippery surfaces are not so much of an issue and as a result shopping is a lot easier. Straight away I felt much more secure.

The adjustable elbow support means that once they are at a 90 degree you are completely supported through your elbow, not your wrist while your forearm is held firm and secure. This does however take some getting used to. You need to understand at this point that if you are going from standard crutches you are using a set of muscles. When you come over onto SmartCrutches you are now using a slightly different set of muscles. These need to develop and will take a few days over each setting on the elbow joint. You will not go directly to 90 degrees and find it works. Take your time and get used to them. In a few days you can adjust and this will improve your usability and enjoyment of the product. That is my honest advise. 

Now for the best bit!

So as always once I had used these for everyday use I wanted to take them out of their comfort zone. Squash is an active sport and one I enjoy. It keeps me fit and healthy but I used to fall over a lot as the floor is a slippery surface. My normal NHS crutches didn’t offer me a good solid platform to lean into. The SmartCrutch has really improved this area and is a massive assistance on court. The look is stylish so I not only look cool I look like I am prepared to take on the game , comfort is amazing and overall usability is awesome. This was a winner!

Next was to try them off-road. Here is where these awesome crutches find their slight but not complete weaknesses. On damp grass they don’t really hold well. On loose dusty surface they tend to lose a little grip. On relatively uneven rocky surfaces the flexibility in the feet seemed to work fairly well. The adjustable elbow joint means you can place a lot of your weight through the crutches but only if they grip the ground. At this point I had not yet used them on ice but I fear the result would not be ideal but only because of the feet not being completely up to the job.

Jamie McAnsh with his SmartCrutches

few words of IMPROVEMENTS.

I really am not going to take anything away from this product the conditions I put them through are not what they are designed for. In my opinion however it would not be difficult to adapt them to be a fantastic all-rounder. It would be all in the feet! If I could have one improvement on this product it would have to be the addition of off-road feet. As an adventure lover I am never more alive than when I am off the beaten track and up a mountain. There is so much potential for the SmartCrutch to be used as off-road all terrain crutches with the design of feet that could be used on grass or in mud maybe even snow or better still sand. I think SmartCrutch are missing this vital sector.

Jamie McAnsh on Ben Nevis
Jamie McAnsh on Ysgryd Fawr Mountain.

Stepping into the future.

So this review was first written by me back in 2017, After my review was first published SmartCrutch came back to me with a response to the off road foot. Meet the addition of the FlexyFoot! These feet are literally the best feet on the market, attach them to the SmartCrutch and you are left with the very best product attached to the very best product. Trust me that is no exaggeration.

So how did they do under pressure? In reply to that question! They done fantastic. I decided to take them to another extreme environment and climbed Snowdon. With 6 foot of snow drifts and an inch of ice (See image above) I can honestly say the Smartcrutch and FlexyFeet relationship worked perfectly. I had to put ice over boots on over my walking boots to stop slipping but my crutches stayed almost solid.

Great addition and the results are simply awesome! over the past three years I have not given these Crutches much rest, I have taken them in the sea, up Ben Nevis, Pen Y Fan, Sugar Loaf and back up Snowdon. My relationship with my crutches have become stronger and stronger. I now walk again, confidently and comfortably on my crutches. I have had a new lease of life and am always looking at new thing to do. In May 2020 myself and my SmartCrutches Fitted with FlexyFoot will be embarking on the challenge of a lifetime! We will be heading 17,500 feet up to Everest Base Camp. 

Do I have any final word? Of course I do! These crutches are a fantastic all round product that like everything will suit some more than others. I have definitely pushed them and tested them to the current limits and I am very impressed. I think that they still have so much more to give and really look forward to taking this product on my adventures and keep pushing their limits. I am also very excited about the future of this product and the developments that they keep on making.

Becoming an ambassador.

In the beginning of 2019 I was proud to be asked by SmartCrutch to become an ambassador of the product. I get asked my advice about improvement ideas and even had the oppertunity to support SmartCrutch UK at the Naidax show in Birmingham where the story first started. 

I spoke to Jason about the future of the product and how we can look at new ideas, such as attachments like possibly a torch and reflectors. Who knows the opportunities are endless. Since then I have now become a stockiest of the product and love the fact that I get to share my passion for the SmartCrutch with others and pass on the journey I have had. 

If you would like to purchase these amazing crutches but would like to know more, please get in touch or you can simply go to the shop and purchase a pair today. 

Muggi – The safest cup holder around

My Muggi Review

How has Muggi made a difference to me?

As a wheelchair user one thing I do struggle with is cups of boiling hot water. Carrying multiple cups at the same time! carrying even one cup and something else, like biscuits is a bit tricky.

For many this simple task is an everyday event but for me it can be an impossible chore. I have attempted to try several ideas. To be honest I have either got to do several trips or ask for help. Hot tea in one hand and the risk of wearing it getting from A to B is normal.

in work

The area I was struggling with was in work. I work as part of a team and we do have a tea rota. The team I work with are fantastic and treat me no different to anyone else. Yes they are well aware of my odd restriction and in fairness never ever raised any comments. If I never made a cup of tea they would understand! for me it was a simple task that I wanted to be involved in!

I have never been beaten by anything and it was frustrating that I couldn’t do it. Recently the company’s health and safety department decided that they would review how cups of boiling water was being carried around the office.

The company purchased  1000 muggi’ and this for me this was an absolute revelation. It meant that I could now take part in the tea run. Ok there is a catch! Due to health and safety in work I am unfortunately not aloud to carry the cups on my lap with tea in them. However I can now carry all the empties to the kitchen! wash them! fill them! however then one of the guys just carries them back to the desks. So much better and very simple.

At home

At home it’s another story. This simple design makes carrying so much easier. No more risk of spilling.  I get a sense of pleasure when I can roll in with the teas. However as I recently discovered it works great with a few beers and also a bottle of wine and two glasses.

I know for many reading this you may ask! How is something so simple as making tea such a big deal? It’s about the simple things that make the difference. This is better than any tray. The cups are secure. There is a lip so nothing can spill and it fits nice and solid on your lap.

This really is a fantastic wheelchair must.  I would love to see how someone with poor grip would benefit I think it’s design would assist in that area two. I think the Muggi has really hit the unintentional mark.

Muggi Specifications

• Muggi is designed and manufactured in the UK from a lightweight but super tough Polypropylene.

• It is available in a range of colours including Blue, Red, Grey, Purple, Green, Pink and recycled Black.

• It securely holds most shapes and sizes of mugs, cups and wine bottles and will catch any unwanted spillages, BUT it also features four non-slip rubber feet, finger and thumb holds!

• Can be produced in virtually any colour for orders over 1000 units.


• Width 200mm

• Depth 200mm

• Height 70mm

• Each cup holder diameter 89mm

Honestly trying it is believing it.