CRPS – Told by Sara Beach

CRPS – Told by Sara Beach


CRPS, a condition I have suffered for 5 years. A progressive condition that the NHS describes as a poorly understood condition.

When I first got diagnosed I suffered from lack of information available, Doctors not listing to what I was saying. Most of the public not knowing or understanding pain related disabilities. I talk more in-depth about how i live with CRPS in another blog My Life With CRPS and why Everest. 

CRPS is actually rather common as i later found out, one of the amazing young men i met along the way was Jamie Gane. 

Like many others, I am on several types of strong medications to control my condition. Nerve medication to stop the Spasms. Lets not forget Anti Depression Medication to control my mental health through the bad days.  

I have shared my story many times over the past years. With Talks, Blogs and interviews. People always seem amazed of how much pain can be caused by very little. 

Sara talks about the changes CRPS has caused in her life. The worries she had when coming to terms with her disability. Sara talks about how the public viewed here and the discrimination she faced. I can relate to almost every aspect of her story so why don’t we let Sara tell us her story in her words.

Video Staring Sara and her family

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Double amputee from Zambia who makes crutches for children gets to walk again.

Double amputee from Zambia who makes crutches for children gets to walk again.

By Jamie Mcansh

At the age 34, driver and carpenter David Miti’s life changed forever.  David lost both of his legs to gangrene. I can relate to this journey as this was around about the same time of life that my life changed forever.

You have no choice and no chance to plan for what happens. 

David Miti was faced with two choices, just like I was, choice 1) was to carry on. Choice 2) was to give up. And, just like myself David considered choice 2.

However, He found the strength and even continued his life in carpentry devoting time to making crutches, special chairs, and standing frames for children in his hometown in Zambia.

David is now in his 50s, his kindness and dedication to others is being rewarded: 500 Miles is a charity and they have funded a project to fit him with artificial limbs.

David says, “Life can change anytime, and you have to accept it the way it comes to you.”

Never a truer word spoken.


This video was produced by National Geographic.

My day at Myddelton College

My day at Myddelton College

Recently I experienced one of the highlights of my Speaker Career as a guest speaker. I was the guest at  Myddelton College in Denbigh for the 2019 speech day. It could not have been a more worth while journey.

I met some amazing people who I truly believe will soon come to be considered as my friends, I helped present awards for academic and personal achievements to a future generation of Wales. And I was given the privilege of being offered the opportunity to tell my story to a school of amazing young people, parents, and teachers.

Myddelton College became a part of my life story, a chapter in my book and a memory I will definitely hold dear. The welcome and hospitality I received was incredible and very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for having me as a guest at your amazing school and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Please see some of the amazing comments I received via social media.

Whilst attending my children’s speech day at Myddelton College yesterday I was fortunate enough to listen to your amazing and inspirational talk you gave. As a parent I would like to say thanks for the talk you gave. I thought it gave a very strong message which not just to the children but the adults can take heart and strength from your message that whatever life throws at you, you are going to have your highs and your lows in life. Appreciate the highs and “getbackup” from the lows it will make you’re a more driven, determined and better person with a more compassionate  rounded view on life.

Kath Lightbown Had the privilege of attending speech day at Myddelton college yesterday. Your address to the pupils and their families was truly inspirational. Should you ever be in this area again I would welcome the opportunity, if possible, to come and listen to you. If you ever publish a book I would be the first in the queue to obtain a copy. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us.


As a parent at Myddelton College’s speech day, I just wanted to say a huge thank you…Your story was inspirational, you have a fantastic attitude to life and certainly one I know my daughter and I will certainly take a lot from #alwaysgetbackup


thank you so much for an amazing speech!! i cried near the end!! you have had such a hard go at life but you have got through it!! As my dad said to you ‘your friend and my dads friend died together such a small world🙂’ thank you for an amazing speech!! x

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Loneliness is the darkest corner

Loneliness is the darkest corner

When I stand in front of a school or organization I send a very important message when you fall getbackup

“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

What a true quote. I can remember when I sat and watched my world fall to pieces right in front of my eyes. Nothing I could do to stop or control it. No power to change the inevitable. I can remember the one feeling like no other. “I am on my own” even though I was surrounded by people I knew that not one of them could ever understand the feelings I was having. the thoughts that were going through my mind.

I stepped in the darkest place of my life and could not see any way out. I had fallen over and the loneliness had taken hold. My life changed when I spoke out to someone about how I felt. That was the first step on my journey to Getting back up. Now I am a fighter with the aim of helping others to gain the skills to fight back and get back up.

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A Humbling Moment

A Humbling Moment

There is often a point in my life when I look at what I am doing and wonder how I ever got there. Standing in front of a room full of people, everyone in the room has lived their lives their way and yet, today they were completely focused on my story. The absolutely unbelievable feeling of pride is always a great feeling.

I love working with and alongside Beverley from Awaken Coaching. However, The absolute honour of sharing a stage with the amazing twice gold medallist Paralympian, Stephanie Millward MBE today was a privilege. I literally can’t wait to work with you again soon. Good luck in the upcoming world championships.

Nick Ramsay was also amongst the honors list to open the show and in fairness Nick, you did it in style. But my final mention for the day has to go to Alice Manship because even though I know Beverley worked hard to get everything in place I know Alice played a massive part so well done both. And thank you for having me along and thank you to all the guests for allowing me to share my story. I hope I have inspired at least one person in the room today and if so for me it was a great success.

So what do you do if you fall over?

motivationalspeaker speaker network seenobounds getbackup

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Empathy -The key skill.

Empathy -The key skill.

Empathy is a skill not everyone has but it can be something you can learn. Empathy is trying to understand what another person is feeling without portraying your own thoughts and feelings. It is seeing the world through another persons eyes without prejudging. This profound skill helps people to get along better and to feel better around each other. It is a key skill to customer service and care industries, however, it is often forgotten as I am sure we can all relate to.
Having empathy is a key ingredient in becoming the best person you can be, if you open your mind to others you will learn more than you will ever teach, the reward is endless.
You can practice empathy by listening to someone rather than trying to talk to them. Ask someone how they are feeling if you think there is something wrong, sometimes that is all that is required. Once you have asked someone don’t forget to listen.
learning about people from different backgrounds and cultures is not only a great way to interact but also offers you a better understanding of how they are as people. something we unfortunately forget or feel uneasy about how to achieve. The answer is easy, Just ask.
Showing concern and care for others, paying attention to the needs of others, and getting to know someone better instead of judging them. this seems rather an easy thing to do, right? Wrong, in today’s society social communication seems at an all-time low. You can change that.
Empathy is easy to say, but hard to do. Remember, if you change your direction others will follow and if you make a difference to one person that person will appreciate you, and if you try to become empathetic in any small ways then the world will be a better place because of you!

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By Jamie McAnsh

Happy Monday! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I just wanted to share some interesting facts with you today and hope you can take these in. We are entering one of the most important weeks of the national calendar this week and possibly rather understated. We are in q week dedicated to those who work harder than most. Dedicated to the care of a loved one, a sibling or a parent.

But did you know?

Young adult carers aged between 16 and 18 years are twice as likely not to be in education, employment, or training. Based on Census figures there are estimated to be at least 376,000 young adult carers in the UK aged 16–25.

The more shocking figure is this!

There are an estimated 700,000 children and young people across the UK, some as young as five-years-old, who are caring for family members.

Please take the time to share this post and keep in mind so many that put others first.


#CarersWeek Today I want to thank Charlott for all that she does for me that many will never see nor fully understand.

We have not been together long but Charlott has accepted my illness and my condition, taken the time to learn and understand the complexity of CRPS, and offers me the empathy that at times I need. I never look for sympathy I just need someone to understand the fact that I am in pain. Charlott understands and never judges.

I am very grateful to Charlott for taking the time to learn about CRPS as it is not an easy illness to grasp. Charlott selflessly makes sure I am comfortable and will even massage my pain to offer me some relief even when I know she is exhausted herself.

Thank you for everything you do. xxx


That #fridayfeeling

mindfulness should not be a chore it should be a major part of our lives. 

By Jamie McAnsh

As the working day comes to a close we all focus on the fact that it is Friday, we are free to enjoy the weekend. That could mean meeting up with friends or spending time with family. This is a very important time for us all to interact with others and share a smile and let our hair down.
For many, the stress of the week may still be playing on your mind, that could be work or school related. This stress is considered negative stress. It’s the kind of stress that causes us to suffer from all kinds of anxiety and in some cases depression.
It may not be an easy thing to understand or to let go but during any type of downtime from our busy lives, we need to take a moment to switch off and relax. This could be in the form of going for a walk or even doing some simple light exercise.
Meditation is a great way to recharge your mind, simple breathing techniques are proven to improve mental wellbeing. As a society, there is a general knowledge about healthy eating and keeping fit and active but as a society, it is commonplace to forget the most important organ in the human body. The mind.
Have a great weekend and remember taking care of yourself is not a chore it is a necessity to a healthy state of mind and wellbeing.
#mentalhealth #fridayfeeling #mindfullness #seenobounds #live #love #bekind

“What day is it?” asked Pooh. 

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. 

“My favourite day,” said Pooh.

Lest We Forget

Lest we forget

The ironic concept that for peace we first have to fight.

By Jamie McAnsh

As a former veteran, I understand the concept of loss.

However, I can not even begin to imagine the moment the troop landed on the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago.

We take for granted so much these days, we almost find reasons to moan and complain. It is the easiest thing in the world to find a reason not to be happy with another person, we can get frustrated if we choose to and we can get angry at any time we wish for the smallest of reason.

So I ask you during this time as we remember those who lost their lives during an ironic fight for peace that we look at those around us and offer empathy that they may be having a bad day, smile because you may be the only person to smile at that person today. Say hello to someone because that person may be lonely and you may be the only friendly voice they hear today. Be kind and remember that all those lives were lost for peace.

“Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Tuesday Thoughts

Here is an interesting #tuesdaythoughts ! 75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday, while 50% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) take root before the age of 15.

How can we help those around us?

Learn the ALAN method to help a friend struggling with their mental health


Ask open questions, such as ‘how are you doing?’. Give the person time to open up if they need it. 
It’s okay to say you’re worried, or that you’re not sure how to start the conversation but you wanted to see if they’re okay. Asking is the very first step in breaking down that wall and making a connection in someone’s time of need.


Once you’ve asked a question, make sure you actually listen to the answer. Be patient and let them say what they need. Try to just listen, rather than attempting to solve any problem. Lots of people just need to vent – and even by chipping in with advice you could unintentionally cut them off or dismiss their feelings.


Create a plan of action to get them feeling better. It’s a good idea to set SMART (another acronym, handy) goals – tasks that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. So rather than a general ‘I want to feel happier’, break that goal down into more manageable chunks; say, calling and booking a doctor’s appointment by this time next week, or planning to meet up again this coming Friday. Let your friend know what support is out there and arrange a time for you to check back in.

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Read more:…/learn-alan-method-help-friend-strug…/…

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Metro Mental Health Matters Wales [email protected] Tuesday thoughts

My Summit of Ben Nevis

My Summit of Ben Nevis.

One of the most dangerous mountain on earth! Not for any other reason but its simply unpredictability.  

Today I achieved something that 5 years ago would have been impossible. I have attempted Ben Nevis 3 times the first 2 the mountain decided it was not my day to summit. 3rd time lucky and we reached the top. An incredible place to be and one of the hardest things I think I have ever accomplished. Feeling very proud. 

Remember, turning back down a mountain is a sign of a wise person, returning another day to face it all again is a sign of respect for the mountain and determination for one self. 

#lovelife #getbackup #seenobounds#everest2020 #travel #bennevis #scotlandhighlands #vanlife #van#vanlifediaries VisitScotland – Your Scotland VisitScotland Charlott Fagergardone

There is one thing I do know for sure, that is I could not have done it without my Smartcrutch’s.  

The SmartCrutch can be purchshased in our online shop

100 Meters To Harmony

Think Harmony and gain power.

What do you see when you look at this picture? A man with a Smartcrutch perhaps!

Okay you would be right this is a man with a crutch and yes he is stood by a waterfall! And yes it is also me!

However, believe it or not I am stood less that 100 meters away from a busy town, main road and even a school.

With in meters of going off the beaten track I found peace and quiet. A little bit of harmony.

I could not hear the busy world on the other side of The wooded area I was in. I could not hear people or cars. All I had was birds and of course the water rushing behind me. For me this is my harmony but for others this can be found in different ways.

You see you don’t need to travel to the end of the earth to give yourself space you just need to travel a few 100 meters and you can have all the space you need.

Give yourself room to breath and think and you will create a healthier space in your mind to think and gain balance. With balance you gain your own harmony.

Don’t forget to live!

Today, I will not stress over things I can’t control. I will however live for the things that are in my reach.


A Tunnel of focus

Recently I enjoyed a fantastic and need I say inspiring day.

“I am a roll model for young people” I am their Tunnel of focus. Apart of the Big Ideas Wales Project

That was the outcomes of the recent course! That offers me a few fears. Am I the right person for the job?

My Business is based on me telling my story! My life journey! A path of ups and downs. I ask myself time after time am I doing the right thing with Seenobounds?

Can I make this work?

Then I realise that somehow I am making it work! I am doing it! And then the fear of success strikes me.

What if I actually get it right?

What then?

Truth is who knows. The picture in this post was taken after I had got out of the class room and going for a walk. I came across this bridge and I connected it to my day…

Its a tunnel with one way in and one way out, a path if you like that we have to follow. Guided only by the walls on either side. In the tunnel is a gate! Sometimes that gate will be open and other times closed.

For me this image represented a focus, with a light at the end of the tunnel! The gate symbolised an object or obstacle that could prevent me from getting from A to B…

This is basically my random example of focus and taking guidance. But also a symbolic statement of achievement because not only did I walk through the tunnel from one side to the other and the gate did not on this occasion cause me any issues,

I also remembered that the tunnel itself was an example of if you can’t go around and obstruction in your life maybe the best way to go is directly through the middle.


A Picture of Calm Chaos

A Picture can say more than just that.

I love this it is a picture taken by my beautiful partner Charlott.

A Picture that shows an image of calmness. Blue skies and long views of fields and natural beauty. I am stood gazing into the country with what seems to be a clear mind.

Granted a lot of that is true except the wind was wild and strong enough to wipe you off your feet. Whistling across the landscape taking no prisoners. Chaos all around us.

We was protected in a little cove as we ate a lovely picnic making the most of the moment. Why am I writing all this?

Simple this image is one we all face and see every day. Calm faces pleasant smiles and what can only be assumed as blue skies!

However very often it is in fact a wind swept mind of chaotic emotions. Be kind to all and remember that sometimes it’s not what you see, it is what that person wants you to see.


10 year challenge – See No Bounds

So here it is my 10 year challenge.

A 10 year challenge for most but a 5 year challenge for myself.

10 years ago stood on the summit of sugar loaf. (Top left) Able bodied and not a care in the world.

5 years ago climbing Pen Y Fan in a wheelchair 9 months after losing the use of my legs. Bottom Left) in the pic I am having my hands taped back together by the team first aid member.

And then there is y years after that (right). At the top of Hay Bluff walking with my Smart Crutch 10 years on from the first photo, even though I will never be the person I was 10 years ago.

I will always be the guy that drives myself to reach my goals. You can reach your summit and that is a promise.

 #smartcrutch #getbackup #livethedream#hills #10yearchallenge #mylife #crps#crpsawareness #crpswarrior #journey#nevergiveup @smartcrutchuk@crps_awarness @visitwales@breconbeacons


The world is currently moving around me!

I know all about remembrance. Those I have lost and seen fall. This day is never an easy one for many, and nor is it for me.

I realise that I am a small spec in the world. Yet for me the world is a beautiful place.

The world is Made up of amazing things and even though, I, a small spec in this world I appreciate what it has on offer.

On Days like this we often look at the those we have lost. So on this day i have decided to look at the thing we fight so hard for in-order to protect.

I have not marched remembrance to remember those of my friends I have lost I have put my head phones in and sat by this pond.

I am thinking about their families and their children. Where are they now? How do they feel today? Is this a day of sadness or pride?

The sun has come out to shine down on us and with the crisp chill in air this is a good day to be thankful for our peace.

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