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  • Our shout out today goes to the fabulous Therapi Tylino Massage who yesterday came around and gave both Jamie McAnsh and myself the most fabulous massage. Roger has been massively supportive throughout our journey to trek Everest Base Camp and helped myself use kinesiology tape which without I do not know if I would have made it. Yesterday he also helped me tape my knee up as it has been slightly overworked lately and sorted out my leg. If you have not yet treated yourself to a massage it is a must. Personally I think it is an investment to your wellbeing and having Roger coming to your doorstep is absolutely priceless. Huge thank you 😍

  • Roger is an incredible massage therapist that really listens to you. He makes you feel comfortable and will set up quickly and easily in your home. He has also been really supportive during lock down when we have not been able to book an appointment and helped daily with exercises. His massage is an investment to your wellbeing and I can highly recommend you try it.

    1. Roger Daniels Post author

      Thank you Charlott,
      It is essential that clients are respected and treated as individuals.
      It is important to LISTEN to the client and formulate a treatment plan on observation and examination.

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