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  • I have met Samantha at webinars and also at a retreat recently and just knew I wanted a 1:1 coaching session. Her approach is straight forward but also sensitive at the same time. Felt I could completely trust her and the advice and support has been amazing. I also had healing for the first time and it was absolutely phenomenal. Would highly recommend Samantha and what was so useful for me was the element of her business advice and knowledge as well as being able to connect my personal experiences. Incredible.

  • I first met Sam as a medium and she blew my mind then but now working with her as a coach she’s blown my mind even more! I’ve always struggled with my ideal client what sector what do they look like blah blah blah! One session yes one! I had that clear as a bell! Amazing! Highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs that guidance of running business along with spiritual support she’s awesome – wouldn’t be without her now! Sorry Sam you’re stuck with me!

  • I’ve been working with Sam for over a year, attending different workshops and going to some of her events, and she is amazing. At Mediumship events I have had 2 messages with information that she wouldn’t have known beforehand proving how great she is!

    As a spiritual business coach she has helped me to work out where I want to take my business and the steps I need to take to get there. Sam has opened my eyes to how everything around me plays a part in it’s own way and that guidance has helped me level up my business and it just keeps growing! I’ll never stop working with Sam!

  • Having Sam as my coach for over a year now has made all the difference to my business as she has really helped me propel my business forward to be focused on what I want to achieve within it and to keep me accountable which when you are a solopreneur is vital. I additionally do the group masterminds every 90 days and this again is powerful, meeting up with other likeminded business owners to go to your next goal and level of business highly recommend Sam

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