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  • Rachel Woods has a wealth of knowledge and her approach to coaching is gentle but affective. To be able to talk in nature is a massive plus as it may for many be an easier way of opening up. I have had many walk and talks with Rachel and lots of great energy and goals has opened up from those sessions.

    1. Thanks Charlott, it’s been a joy to walk with you and I look forward to many more, social and professional.

  • I have been so privileged to have worked with Rachel, her approach is gentle but productive. Having coaching is always a very personal decision to make and in many ways very brave. To open yourself up to someone coming into your life and then allow them to guide you is a big choice to make. My experience with Rachel is that she makes this move very easy and relaxing, the idea of then doing this in a natural and unbiased location like the great outdoors is in fact a perfect choice.

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