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Short Business Description: We offer online and classroom-based accredited First Aid for Mental Health training, bespoke Performance & Wellbeing workshops and tailored coaching packages.
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We often get asked ‘Why did you start this company?’ It’s a question we spent a long time pondering before we made the leap from full-time secure employment to branching out on our own. The answer is people – or more specifically, we wanted to help people.

Until recently, we were both serving in the Royal Air Force (we have 41 combined years of service between us!). Over the last 5 years, we have been on a pretty epic self-development journey and realised our passion was to help people unlock their potential. Sounds corny, I know…and it’s true!

So, following many late-night chats drilling down into the ‘Why?’, YourNorth was born.

Our company offers a variety of training, including accredited First Aid for Mental Health, Performance & Wellbeing workshops and tailored coaching packages. There are so many training companies out there, offering similar content to us, so what makes us different? What makes us the special fish in a sea of other training and coaching companies? We believe we are filling a niche for bespoke training; we offer a suite of masterclasses that can be selected to form a workshop, whilst also offering accredited mental health training.

We believe organisations must take a strategic approach to wellbeing; what if, by educating and empowering you and/or your staff, you could prevent certain mental health illnesses and burnout from happening? By educating people on the causes of some mental illnesses and delving into topics such as stress, resilience, mindfulness, sleep hygiene, goal setting, to name a few, this may be the answer to having a thriving workforce.

Passionate about mental wellness, human performance and wellbeing; we are fascinated about ‘why we do what we do’ and love the opportunity to get to know people and instigate conversations that pique curiosity to encourage people to question the ‘why?’ and the ‘why not?’ Our goal is to educate and empower others so they have the confidence and ability to unlock their potential and become the best version of themselves. We are experienced and engaging trainers & coaches aiming to create a relaxed, positive environment conducive to learning and one that allows for personal growth.

We have quickly adapted to the ‘new normal’ and pivoted our business to deliver our accredited mental health training online. Our courses are now delivered via distance learning, which makes our training super flexible and accessible.

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