See No Bounds

See No Bounds

World Autism Awareness Day

So today is April the 2nd 2020 and it is World Autism Awareness Day. So what is autism? If we are going to be aware of it we should start off with a basic understanding. 

In basic terms autism is a developmental disorder.  The condition is characterised mostly by difficulties with social interaction and communication. The characteristic that most people associate with autism is repetitive behaviour.

The signs are usually noticed during the first three years of a child’s life. The common signs often develop gradually. For some children with autism the signs worsen in their communication and social skills once the child reaches certain developmental milestones. 

A few facts

  • Around the world autism effects 24.8 million people. 
  • It occurs four to five times more often in males than females.
  • The number of people diagnosed has increased dramatically since around 1960 which may be partly due to changes in diagnostic practice.
  • About a third to a half of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural speech to meet their daily communication needs.
  • Autistic individuals may have symptoms that are independent of the diagnosis, but that can affect the individual or the family.
  • An estimated 0.5% to 10% of individuals with ASD show unusual abilities, ranging from splinter skills such as the memorisation of trivia to the extraordinarily rare talents of prodigious autistic savants.

What can we do to help?

This is basic but often forgotten. Don’t judge! Be patient! Gain an understanding! Be Aware! It is as simple as that. Jamie McAnsh will soon be looking to gain the skills to complete workshops to help others have a better knowledge and understanding so look out for those or subscribe to our keep in touch page. If you want to know more there are sites and charities that have all the information you need. We have included some of the links to a few of them below. 

If you run your own company you can also become autism aware by completing a simple course and again Jamie will be looking to soon put on some training workshops where you will be able to gain that information and the skills you need to make a massive difference to your customers experience and needs. 

For many people with autism the world can become a very isolated place. Society can often move faster than they can understand or keep up with. We can change this by simple communication and understanding. For many their life is made up of planning, routine and order. If any of that changes it can leave the person very frustrated and confused. Again all we need to do is be patient and allow the person to find focus. Loud noises can often cause an attack and make the situation worse so keep calm and give space. 

These are such easy things and yet sometimes we still find it so hard. 

Links for more advice

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