Tue, 15 October 2019 18:30 – 20:00 BST

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When I woke up one morning’ is an inspirational and motivation tour in which Beverley Jones, Stephanie Millward MBE and Jamie Mcansh come together to share their journeys of how when they did indeed wake up one morning they discovered (separately of course) that life had changed forever.

The first event is being hosted by Nick Ramsay AM for Monmouthshire. Tue, 15 October 2019 18:30 – 20:00 BST

The main goal is to demonstrate that whatever the dream you can turn it into reality with determination, faith and belief.

It has been said that ‘young people as well as older audiences’ would benefit from hearing these amazing stories as they all demonstrate in very unique ways that it is not the falling down that matters but the getting back up.

Following Cardiff  the event will be going on tour as we have had enquiries from North Wales, London, Kent and Ireland.

So why not hit the button above and come and join us on a journey of inspiring stories of how you can achieve so much when life can at time give you so little.

Beverley Jones

Beverley woke up one morning to discover that her mental health had deteriorated so much she physically did not want to get out of bed to go to work, she describes it as being paralysed from the inside out.

On visiting the doctor she was informed she was 2 weeks from hospitalisation (sectioned), his advice ‘take a sick note today and stop working now’ – diagnosis – clinical depression and severe anxiety, bought on by burnout from work.

What followed was a year off work, suicidal thoughts, self harm and a blackness from which she thought she would never recover. Throughout recovery she has however become a successful business owner, author of Made It Thru The Rain and an award winning speaker inspiring others that experience can sometimes be the greatest gift.

Beverly Jones
Stephanie Millward

Stephanie Millward MBE

Stephanie was training for the Olympics when one morning she woke up blind, her world was literally thrown into darkness.

Stephanie went on to discover she was suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and her dream felt shattered.

However not to be deterred she went on to become  a Rio 2016 Paralympic double gold-medallist, who trains with Team Bath AS In the London 2012 Legacy Pool.

Stephanie recently competed in her third World Championships and broke the current world record by 22 seconds.

Having won 11 medals – four of them gold – on her previous appearances at Eindhoven in 2010 and Montreal in 2013 stephanie continues to make her mark in disability swimming.

Jamie McAnsh

Jamie went to bed one night and woke up to find himself paralysed from the waist down. Left with a condition called CRPS This meant that Jamie lost the use of his legs and he wasn’t sure if or when this would change. 

Jamie went on to set himself a set of challenges that would take his mind, body and spirit to the upmost limits raising £250,000 for a string of local charities.

An honoured winner of the prestigious Brave Britain Award, as well as a multi-award winner for outstanding achievements. Jamie, as seen on Wales online, is also the man who climbed a mountain on his hands. Why? Because he wanted to reach his summit and nothing was going to stop him.

Jamie is now looking to climb to Base Camp Everest in 2020, proving that dreams do come true when you live life outside the box.

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