Charlott and I Stood at the bridge.

Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley Clinton, Ticked off the list. Myself and Charlott are not simply attempting to visit every National Trust property in the UK only for the fun of it. Being an amazing challenge of 500 properties we are going to spread it several years. We love the experience these treasures offer and the history and story behind the buildings. 

You can read some more of our National Trust 500 stories here as we explore the amazing list.

There is a romance to many but to some there is a dark past. This property shares some of that dark past. Hidden areas to hide priests in 1590’s. Romance and love shared amongst the residence of the property known as the quartet.  

If you get the chance you have to take a moment to learn the history and story of Marmion Edward Ferrers and Rebecca Dulcibella Orpen. Joined later by Georgiana, Lady Chatterton and Edward Dering. Look for the tales and stories all round the house captured in the paintings of Rebecca. A keen and clearly very talented artist.

Baddesley Clinton with its spectacular presence. Surrounded by woodlands. Once build in the heart of the ancient forest of Arden. Subsequently it was built using Arden stone. 

The moat was a later feature and added in the 13th century but carries a very prominent feature at Baddesley Clinton.  

TV Apperarence

It was no surprise to us when we found out that the property had made an appearance on The Antiques Road Show. And in fact it has made its TV debut more than once.

You Can Watch the show here.

A Survivor

A survivor in its own right. With a love story and tail to share. Showing off its great moat, fantastic architecture, gate house and gardens. This property is definitely a place you have to see. 

As always the staff where amazing, telling the stories in great dramatic fashion. Sharing with us the history of the objects placed around the property. Shedding light on the paintings and some of the meaning behind Rebecca’s amazing pieces of art.

One of many Stain Glass windows
By Tony Hisgett
The front of this exquisite property
Unknown Source
The Great Hall
By Tony Hisgett

Baddesley Clinton

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