Dinefwr House and country park

Dinfefwr a historic Newton House surrounded by Natural Nature Reserve and 18th century landscape with deer park and cosy cafe

A magical land of power and influence for more than 2,000 years, Dinefwr is an iconic place in the history of Wales. Two forts are evidence of a dominant Roman presence. The powerful Lord Rhys held court at Dinefwr and influenced decisions in Wales. The visionaries, George and Cecil Rice designed the superb 18th-century landscape that you see today. The 'hands-on' Newton House gives visitors an atmospheric circa 1912 experience. Exhibitions on the first floor tell Dinefwr's story and inspire visitors to explore the castle and park.


There is no doubt at all that Dinefwr country park and house was one of the most spectacular properties we have visited so far in our National Trust 500  adventure. The property is amazing full of features, art work and history. Every room shows the story of Dinefwr. The love of the building and the relationship between the bicks and the owners over time. 

The beliefs of those that lived in this amazing house is shown by the mummified cat remains hidden under the floor boards in the great room. It was believed that cats in the after life will see off the evil spirits. So once the cat passes away it is then placed under the floor boards to protect the home from the after life. 

We had the privileged of having this story shared with us by one of the fantastic volunteers at Dinefwr.  Marianne also took us on an amazing roof top tour. Showing us the fantastic glass ceilings, the restoration project involved and all about how the amazing feature was created.   

We got up close and personal to the incredible moulds that made up the window sections and have definitely survived the tests of time. aftter that we went even closer and much higher as we were taken out onto the roof where we seen the design in all its glory. effectively this is a very early example of what we would call a skylight window. However, on an epic scale.

Fantastic Day at Dinefwr

Properties like this have so much to offer. From the parks and wooded walks where you will see the famous and very rare White Park Cattle and if you are lucky the herds of deer. to the house and grounds, with tendered gardens exploding history and amazing staff. 

We loved this house. It is for us exactly what The National Trust is all about. Just like Llanerchaeron where we visited in August there is as much to see outside as there is inside. this is definitely a place you simply must go and for us this was a place we will remember made so by the lovely Marianne who just gave us an experence that will last. 

YouTube video

Newton House is a Grade II listed country house situated just to the west of the market town of Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, Wales. It is owned and maintained by the National Trust and lies within Dinefwr Park

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