CRPS By Sara Beach

CRPS, a condition Jamie McAnsh, co founder of See No Bounds has suffered with for 5 years. A progressive condition that the NHS describes as a poorly understood condition.

When Jamie first got diagnosed he suffered from lack of information available, Doctors not listing to what he was saying. Most of the public not knowing or understanding pain related disabilities. Jamie speaks more in-depth about how he lives with CRPS in another blog My Life With CRPS and why Everest. 

CRPS is actually rather common as we have found. Meeting one of the most amazing young men along  the journey helped so much and Jamie Gane tells us his story which is amazing.

Like many others, Jamie is on several types of strong medications to control the symptoms of the condition. Nerve medication to stop the Spasms. Lets not forget Anti Depression Medication to control Jamie’s  mental health through the bad days. Jamie has shared his story many times over the past years. With Talks, Blogs and interviews. People always seem amazed of how much pain can be caused by very little. 

Sara talks about the changes CRPS has caused in her life. The worries she had when coming to terms with her disability. Sara talks about how the public viewed here and the discrimination she faced. Of course Jamie can relate to almost every aspect of her story and this is why we decided to share this with you. So why don’t we let Sara tell us her story in her words.

Video Staring Sara and her family

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