Westbury Court Garden, a little spot of beauty.

A small step back in time at this amazing National Trust site. A joy to visit, sit and recharge you mind, body and soul.

By Jamie and Charlott

Westbury Home Gardens

Westbury Home Gardens, a step back in to the time of Dutch style influenced water gardens and a refreshing calmness of being surrounded by unusual plants and amazing trees, some being as old as 300 years. 

For Charlott and I this was a little bit of everything. History education, tranquillity and the great outdoors.

We love to spend time together, chatting and walking. Taking in our surroundings and looking for inspiration. The gardens here are beautiful. The sounds of running water from the many wild water channels and domesticated fountains. The vast show of the canals in the garden while greeted by the carp that live there was simply amazing.

Westbury Court gardens was in fact one of the first garden restoration projects undertaken by The National Trust, you can learn all about it at the Westbury Court Gardens website.

Such a beautiful place to go and a definite must see. Wheelchair friendly and the staff are simply lovely. The volunteers do a wonderful job maintaining this site and keeping it looking as stunning as they do.   

Westbury Court Gardens has not been without its bad luck though. In 2014 it was badly flooded. You can read all about the story covered by the BBC news at the time.

Unique Gloucestershire garden 'at risk' from flooding

A unique water garden that has been repeatedly flooded could be “at risk” unless a solution is found. Read more..

During our time here the sun was shining, the flowers were in bloom and it could not have been any further from the sites shown in the above BBC new story. We walked around the grounds with Tesni our labradoodle. Tesni loved it as much as we did and even had the pleasure of taste testing a few of the fruits on the trees in the orchard. 

Westbury On Seven Parish Church

Well we couldn’t visit Westbury Court Gardens without going over to see the adjacent church. A strange church and rather unique. As we approached from the back of the church grounds it looked the same as many others. The building was showing real signs of age and the grounds looked in my opinion under cared for. After visiting the peaceful tranquillity of the Dutch Water Gardens, this place looked rather chaotic to say the least. 

It was once we walked around the front that the reality of this rather unique church became apparent. The bell tower was not attached to the main church!

The distinctive steeple is not attached to the main building because of a fire which burned down the old wooden building soon after the new steeple was completed. Within the porch of the church are several markings of crosses and full crosses made during the English Civil War. The north porch and north aisle are the oldest parts of the church, having been built around 1290. 

I found this site very interesting although when Charlott entered the building itself she felt a real sense of the chaos about the place. 

We recommend a visit to Westbury Court Gardens and while you are there pop into the Westbury On Seven Parish Church. Its a unique little treasure that otherwise not found. 

Talking of finds if you are into Geocaching like us you will be interested to know there is also a nice little cach hidden in the area as well.